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  • By Frances J. Delano.
  • Illustrated by John L. Delano.
  • SEE Roosevelt, Sara Delano.
  • SEE Roosevelt, Sara Delano.
  • SEE Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin Delano.
  • Elementary Hygiene and Home Care of Sick, by Jane Delano.
  • SEE Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the minute man of '33.
  • MOSES, MONTROSE J. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • Delano, L.P. Desolation Valley
  • by Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • 32.00 East Hardwick, Mrs. J.R. Delano, _for Christmas_, _McIntosh, Ga.
  • _, 184-188, 190 Delano, 75 Dempster, Clancey, 201, 202, 204

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  • The appointment of Pleasanton was urged by Mr. Delano and General Horace Porter as I understood, both of whom were very near the President.
  • One of these Forty-niners, Delano, a man of some distinction in the later history of the mining communities, says that five men drowned themselves in the Humboldt River in one day out of sheer discouragement.
  • The "Delano" grate, by means of which the coal was forced into the fire-box from below, was applied on four ten-wheeled engines for the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, in 1857.
  • Upon the transfer of Mr. Columbus Delano from the office of commissioner of Internal Revenue to the Secretaryship of the Interior Department, the question of the appointment of a successor was considered.
  • At the northeast corner of Washington Square and Fifth Avenue is the James Boorman house, now, I believe, the residence of Mr. Eugene Delano.
  • He then proceeded to say that the claim was a good one,--that Mr. Delano had examined it, and had concluded to pass it, but as he left the office rather suddenly he had neglected to act upon it.
  • He lived so secluded a life in the old family-house on the outskirts of Newport, (we were a Kentucky family,) as to raise the gossiping curiosity of all new residents, and to call forth the explanatory remark from the old settlers, that the Delanos were all queer people, but John Delano was the queerest of them all.
  • The president of the company and the directing genius who has made Carnelian Bay possible is L.P. Delano, of Reno, Nevada, to whom all requests for further particulars regarding the Tahoe Country Club, or of Carnelian Bay should be addressed.
  • Miss EDITH BARNARD DELANO, however, succeeds in getting considerable charm into her story, and if it leaves rather a sweeter taste in the mouth than some of us relish there are others who like their fiction to be strongly sugared.
  • The horrors of the overland journey are told by Delano in the book already mentioned and by W.L. Manly, _Death Valley in '49_ (1894).
  • The same band of officials gave to Mrs. Laura A. Delano, a daughter of William B. Astor, a grant from Fifty-fifth to Fifty-seventh street, Hudson River, at $200 per running foot, and on May 21, 1867, a grant to John Jacob Astor, Jr., of lands under water between Forty-ninth and Fifty-first streets, Hudson River, for the trivial sum of $75 per running foot.
  • "I hope you have room for me, Mr. Delano," said he, advancing, "for here I am, weather-bound, as well as Miss Alice and Kate.
  • Classes of Misses Belle Childs and Kittie Armes, 13.49, and of Mrs. Alice Ball, Misses Cala A. Delano and Mary L. Hubbard, 14.62; _for Student Aid, Atlanta U._ 28.11 Taunton.
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