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  • Politics is a deleterious profession, like some poisonous handicrafts.
  • Above all their effect, in excess, is deleterious to the rubber.
  • This substance, when taken into the stomach, is highly deleterious to health.
  • He had "seen life," that is, everything deleterious to and destructive of it.

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  • How would you treat the dermatitis due to other deleterious substances of this class?
  • Tobacco smoke is more deleterious than ale, teetotaller; bile more potent than brandy.
  • The moral atmosphere in our State appears to be in a deleterious and sanguinary condition.
  • There is therefore nothing deleterious in the usual practice of adulterating this commodity of the table.
  • The popular and ridiculous charge was, their having mixed deleterious ingredients with the tobacco.
  • The detection of the adulteration of beer with deleterious vegetable substances is beyond the reach of chemical analysis.
  • The habit is very deleterious to those who practise it, and death results from excessive use of the drug.
  • He showed so plainly what would inevitably be the deleterious results of the proposed plans that the committee decided against them.
  • The mushrooms have no deleterious effect whatever upon the vines, nor have the vines upon the mushrooms.
  • Obviously this is a slow and relatively expensive method, apart from the deleterious fumes arising from the quenching of the coke.
  • It is fair to say that the action of a comet might be deleterious if one of these orbs were to arrive directly upon us.
  • The bulk is thus enclosed in a wrapping of sheets, and any splinters or other deleterious substances are confined to the surface of the mass.
  • Soaps containing silicates may have a deleterious action upon the fibres, causing them to become damaged and broken.
  • Because of their deleterious tendency, severe study as well as arduous and protracted manual labor ought to be avoided.
  • It was as if the place had been smoked out with some deleterious stuff; some destructive or poisoning gases, fatal to vegetable life.
  • I believe that it is by a direct operation on the system, and not by the generation of miasmata, that heat proves so deleterious to the infant.
  • If used in the house, a strong draught must be made, to prevent the deleterious effects of the charcoal.
  • Good drinking water can be secured by sinking properly located wells, and this water shows freedom from minerals of a deleterious nature.
  • This agent will render the oil of a dark brown or black colour, if any metal, deleterious to health, be present.
  • Laughter is a positive sweetness of life, but, like good coffee, it should be well cleared of deleterious substance before use.
  • To have about you a fellow hired at ten guilders a month, who calls you by your Christian name, is very deleterious to the character.
  • There was strong suspicion that she met her death by swallowing some deleterious drug; but who tendered the "poisoned chalice," none could tell.
  • These can prove effective against many of the most unfortunate habits of mankind which are likely to turn out extremely deleterious to health if persisted in.
  • Copper sulphate had been previously used in conjunction with the filters but stock shippers complained that the water had a deleterious effect upon the animals consuming it.
  • He never aimed at producing a counterpart of the instrument that he copied by resorting to the use of deleterious means to indicate upon the surface of an instrument the ravages of time.
  • With loam we can fill them up perfectly, but we can not do this with manure, and if left open they remain as wet sweat holes that are very deleterious to the spreading spawn.
  • It will be noticed, however, that some of the sophistications are comparatively harmless, whilst others are effected by substances deleterious to health.
  • This change in the commanding officer, deleterious and dangerous as it might be upon the morale of the army, was nevertheless considered necessary and expedient.
  • Who, in a voice which rings afar, Declares, while standing at the bar, Our drinks most deleterious are?
  • Numerous miniature explosions occur, and the air becomes laden with mercurial vapours, which exercise a deleterious influence upon the health of the operatives.
  • If infection with a venereal disease meant simply the death of the infected individual, it would really be very much less deleterious to society than is the present condition.
  • As years passed on various useful medicines became too much the vogue, and were used to too vast and too deleterious an extent, particularly mercury.
  • We severely reprimanded, of course, the housemaid for bringing into the house stray bits of paper, which might have wrapped up most deleterious combustibles.
  • They then made a regular traffic importing this spurious and deleterious stuff and selling it as the genuine Turkey article at several times the cost.
  • In the instance now alluded to, and probably in all other cases, the deleterious mixture had been caused ignorantly, by the adulteration of the anotta employed for colouring the cheese.
  • Practically all candy, even the cheapest, is nowadays free from deleterious ingredients in the manufacture, though it is liable to become contaminated in the handling.

Definition of Deleterious

Harmful often in a subtle or unexpected way.
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