Deliberated In A Sentence

Definition of Deliberated

simple past tense and past participle of deliberate

How To Use Deliberated In A Sentence?

  • Jean sat still for ten seconds and deliberated while she looked from him to the horse.
  • The addresses were then made and the council deliberated on the several questions presented.
  • He then called the men together, and they deliberated as to what course they should pursue.
  • The whole family deliberated and discussed the matter, surmising a thousand things.
  • Nelson was now formally one of the Council which deliberated upon military operations.
  • He deliberated a moment or two, but he knew that he must take a risk, a big risk.
  • The preliminary letters I had you all saw, and we deliberated upon them together.
  • The friends whom Sir John had summoned deliberated long over the disposal of the estate.
  • I generally deliberated so long that I lost my lovers, and then I pined for that loss.
  • Her aunt deliberated carefully in the manner of a conscientious witness impressed by the taking of the oath.
  • The members of the committee deliberated and issued orders and instructions for the combat in every direction.
  • The doctor deliberated with half-shut eyes that seemed to burn the brighter for their partial eclipse.
  • I deliberated for a few minutes, endeavoring to look at a scheme which presented itself to me from every point of view.
  • The kings of the three allied states had seats upon it, and deliberated with the other members on the adjudication of the prizes.
  • Then they deliberated upon the matter, and always regretfully imposed a fine of 16,000 francs on the village.
  • And they deliberated over him, as he lay bound, what they should do with him: and some of them were for putting him to death, then and there.
  • Phoenix looked up into the strange, bearded face, and deliberated an instant whether to crow or to weep.
  • A parliament or congress of the chief inhabitants assembled, and deliberated on the affairs of State.
  • Day after day they met, heard, and deliberated upon arguments, which were conspicuous from their consummate learning and ability.
  • The gods assembled every morning in a hall, situated near the gates of the sun in the east, and there deliberated on the events of the day.
  • On the accusation of assault with intent to kill, the Committee deliberated a few days, and ended by declaring him guilty of simple assault.
  • The preceding was deliberated upon in Madrid on the twentieth day of July, one thousand five hundred and ninety-two.
  • Hidden in the shadow of the sentry-box, Hadji and Erebus deliberated a moment upon what they must do, to accomplish their purpose.
  • So we went on to the central green amid the huts, and there stood and looked round, while Phelim and Fergus deliberated for a time.
  • The councillors deliberated for three days without coming to a decision, and it was then that the principal witch-doctor showed a way out of the condition of dead-lock.
  • Good books do not instruct us so much as they persuade us; so that we come to be of the same mind as the great man who had deliberated and debated the matter so thoroughly for us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deliberated | Deliberated Sentence

  • He deliberated a moment.
  • Champers deliberated before he went on.
  • I deliberated a moment.
  • The woman deliberated a moment.
  • He deliberated an instant on her confession.
  • He deliberated long before he spoke.
  • The jury deliberated briefly.
  • There we deliberated upon what ought to be done.
  • He told his mission, and they deliberated what to do.
  • He deliberated for several minutes, then moved onward.
  • Francis Aydelot deliberated before replying.
  • Scott-Hansen and I deliberated as to what was to be done.
  • The jury deliberated for two hours before arriving at a verdict.
  • After the reading, they deliberated on the next that should succeed Rosamond.

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