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  • I should be delighted to go!
  • I am delighted to see you.
  • Say, is she delighted with it?
  • They both gave an exclamation of delighted wonder.
  • Richard had replied in terms which delighted the squire.
  • Dear, dear, how delighted your mother will be!
  • As she grew to womanhood Myra delighted in her garden.
  • Therefore I shall be delighted to receive the deputation.
  • I returned home, delighted with all that I had seen.
  • The Caliph was delighted with the knowledge of Selim.
  • The father was delighted to find how helpful his boys had become.
  • Jolly's face was one broad, delighted smile.
  • Joseph, nothing loath, set to work with a will, delighted with the fun.
  • J. A. Clark, 17th Pa. Cav., was our delighted cook.
  • Our Booklet describes it fully, and we shall be delighted to send you copy.
  • But Betty was too delighted with her friend's triumph to be easily quenched.

How To Use Delighted In A Sentence?

  • The little flower-garden in which she delighted was all in disorder and overrun with weeds.
  • In addition to the information conveyed, the letter contained an invitation which delighted me.
  • Hearing this, the lad was delighted beyond measure, and gave up the pigeon at once.
  • I cannot express how much I was delighted with the sallies of my new acquaintance.
  • Aggie was delighted to see him, and sprang into his arms, with a scream of joy, as he entered.
  • If ever America produced a man whom the nation delighted to honor it was Perry.
  • Bran, greatly delighted to have passengers, took them several voyages to New York and back.
  • No one delighted more in the free and easy life of the frontier than did Colonel William Johnson.
  • He delighted to talk of the exploits of the buccaneers in the West-Indies and on the Spanish Main.
  • Jack, who was so delighted with the bargain that he ran all the way home to tell his mother how lucky he had been.
  • He appeared rather to be delighted at this courtesy shown his queen, and so the affair passed happily.
  • And when they went in to the great banqueting-hall and sat down to table, they were even more delighted than at first.
  • I was delighted to observe how much a knowledge of Latin facilitated the acquisition of the modern tongue.
  • Cavander was delighted beyond words when he heard that the heir to Phoride had successfully reacquired his own estate.
  • The nuns bade her a delighted farewell; and all the way home she made amends for her long neglect of him by thinking of her husband constantly.
  • We have gone back for a season to the freedom, the sports, the sights, the exercises which delighted our boyhood.
  • A little while past, papa was delighted with the knowledge of what he thought the best way of curing a cold, which was by starving it.
  • He was always either drawing or talking, and delighted in teasing the poor cure, who generally answered in a gentle and becoming manner.
  • Emily and Hubert watched them with delighted eyes, for the sight was indeed picturesque this fine autumn day.
  • The pair were well matched and, impressed by their looks and strength, Wallie was delighted and determined to have them if possible.
  • All approach with delight, and all are delighted to linger, If to the outward shape correspond but a courteous spirit.
  • When they opened the fish in order to cook it, everyone was astonished at finding such a little boy, and Tom was quite delighted to be out again.
  • When he had been in the house an hour Mr. Wickersham was delighted with him, and mentally decided to secure him for his agent.

Definition of Delighted

Greatly pleased. | Filled with wonder and delight. | simple past tense and past participle of delight
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