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  • The valley itself was a delightful spot to have reached.
  • He does tell perfectly delightful stories.
  • I spent a delightful hour there quietly by myself.
  • In a week or two he returned from his delightful outing.
  • The delightful music halted more than one hurrying group.
  • Lord Houghton told a number of delightful stories.
  • We also spent a delightful day with Sig.
  • Oh most delightful gentleman! DEM.
  • The jingal, for instance, is a delightful weapon at that range.
  • They displayed, however, the most delightful ignorance on the subject.
  • Parson Adams is one of the most delightful of all notion characters.
  • It was delightful to her to see how agreeable everyone was to Rosamond.
  • The time of year was delightful for the long journey through Spain.
  • Lenhart Davy laughed quietly, but so heartily it was delightful to hear him.
  • There are in the same delightful locality some pretty Kiosks of the Sultan.
  • A--, had a delightful country house.
  • I wonder how the delightful creatures can give us two minutes' thought.

How To Use Delightful In A Sentence?

  • And how well the figures that animate this delightful landscape, harmonize with it.
  • Mamma and papa have returned from Onteora and they have had a delightful visit.
  • This was one of the most delightful evenings that I have ever spent in the northern woods.
  • I said I was at that moment studying it, and thought it a most delightful employment!
  • Mr. Grant was very pleasant, and began playing the charades in the most delightful way.
  • I still remember as delightful most of the circumstances of getting into 79, Radnor Square.
  • A pleasure cruise, delightful ship, delightful season, delightful errand, del . . .
  • The country through which we passed afforded views of superb breadth and a most interesting and delightful quality.
  • She was so taken up with the delightful agitation of finding herself in such a large and imposing assembly that she scarcely thought of her words.
  • He received my apology with that intentional charm that is one of his most delightful traits, and resumed his discussion.
  • They are surrounded by low but pleasant hills, so arranged as to form a varied but delightful scenery.
  • I mean the woman at whose delightful dinner-table the fate of more than one important bill has been decided.
  • He was a delightful travelling companion, and regaled me with tales illustrative of the humorous side of his business.
  • I answer, a gentleman uninfluenced by a stale proverb; we have a delightful specimen in this very house.
  • Indiana, as he sometimes remarked, was delightful as a background though undesirable as a dwelling-place.
  • But a more delightful one was that in which I told the successful result of my embassy to the nursery conclave.
  • How delightful is it, after passing through the dark labyrinths of human folly to sit at thy feet and drink in the lessons of heavenly wisdom!
  • I am inclined to think that, delightful as messing in a large mess is, something is lost by having no personal share in your own catering.
  • It was delightful while it lasted, and I do not believe that she ever regretted having had her fling when the chance came.
  • It was delightful at first to be secret, a whispering, warm conspiracy; then presently it became irksome and a little shameful.
  • What a delightful mixture of child and grave woman she was at that time, and how little I reckoned on the part she would play in my life!
  • Hypochondriac spirits may say as they like; but I will maintain, that to those who make the best of it, this is a very delightful world!
  • I had lost a round sum of money in that delightful place, where our ambassador was wont to refresh himself after his diplomatic labours and ceremonials.

Definition of Delightful

Pleasant; pleasing, bringing enjoyment, satisfaction, or pleasure.
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