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  • She was delightfully unconventional.
  • It is delightfully situated.
  • How delightfully long the evenings are now!
  • The evening was delightfully calm.
  • It was a delightfully merry evening.
  • The pose is delightfully natural.
  • It is delightfully cool during the warmest days.
  • The band was playing delightfully in the saloon beyond.
  • Otoyo gave one of her delightfully ingenuous smiles.
  • The two words together are so delightfully adventurous.
  • Nothing much in them, but delightfully chatty and amusing.
  • There was something delightfully new, too, in her ways.
  • How delightfully the flowers tell against the white dresses.
  • How delightfully domestic and innocent and inglorious the whole thing!
  • The school hall was delightfully decorated emphasizing the autumn colors.
  • Her past studies approved, and her future so delightfully planned for.
  • If Bandmaster beat Rainstorm he would be delightfully surprised.

How To Use Delightfully In A Sentence?

  • A great welcome was given them, and four or five days were delightfully whiled away.
  • How delightfully they spoiled me, those two dear souls, and how coquettish they made me!
  • How cheaply and delightfully one may live there, when one knows something of the people!
  • As he looked, a tune, delightfully tinkled on some instrument, was heard from within the shop.
  • It was delightfully nice and cool, and so my companion and I fell sound asleep.
  • The Spirit of the new Navy is delightfully and truthfully depicted in these volumes.
  • The road from Rottingdean to Brighthelmstone is delightfully pleasant in the summer season.
  • I cannot praise too warmly the delightfully fantastic and inconsequent humour of the first half of the play.
  • Those irregular corps which supplemented the permanent military pack transport were most indispensable but delightfully heterogeneous.
  • There is so much water around it that the sea breezes sweep across it and make it delightfully cool.
  • They differed in complexion, some of the newly arrived being delightfully fresh and pink under their starched bandeaux.
  • Again, what is more delightfully absurd than to see a hen find a large morsel which she cannot deal with at one gulp?
  • Now if the pastry is made either the day before or early in the morning and then allowed to blend, it will be delightfully light and flaky.
  • The mode of life pursued at the villa was delightfully serene, diversified by interesting occupations and elegant leisure.
  • A stairway he climbed came out delightfully in a garret musical with rain and the plaintive chirping of wet birds huddled under dripping eaves.
  • But already Tess had flitted from the delightfully embarrassing theme of her friend's looks.
  • The beautiful young woman, as she turned on her pillows, was surprised to hear how delightfully the birds were singing in her garden that night.
  • Still with that deference so delightfully heart-warming, the newcomer bowed low to the ladies, and made his way to the offered chair.
  • Quirk tells me she is delightfully human, and as sympathetic as you are," replied Cairns.
  • Forgetting the decorum imposed by his costume, Joseph became all but gay, so delightfully were things arranging themselves.
  • There was no need to fear rain or cold, nor was the heat oppressive, but the air was delightfully warm, genial, and balmy.
  • But then, from the point of view through which I, as an artist in life, approach them they were delightfully suggestive and stimulating.
  • It was all very typically and very delightfully American, a composite of true Democracy in which one is for all, and all for one.

Definition of Delightfully

In a delightful manner.
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