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  • No pen can describe them, no pencil can delineate them.
  • We are not, but his ability we are in duty bound to delineate truthfully.
  • Who has been able exhaustively to delineate the soul's humiliation?

How To Use Delineate In A Sentence?

  • Again his pencil moved, and I knew he was attempting to delineate her features.
  • As the great actor went on to delineate the terrible consequences of sin, Byron fainted.
  • To delineate in a few words the character of the Poverello of Assisi is indeed a difficult task.
  • They could not understand a work of art which did not delineate a literary episode or in which the postures were not taken direct from the theatre.
  • No poet would attempt to portray its moral aspects, and delineate its beauties, with the idea of exciting our admiration and approval.
  • You have chosen simple subjects, in which is no harm of course; but simple subjects in all kinds of art require a masterly hand to delineate them.
  • It would require the masterly pen of a Sir Walter Scott to adequately delineate the joyous feelings of the females on such an auspicious occasion.
  • Eight principal stars delineate its outline; two are of the first magnitude, five of the second, and one of the third (Fig. 12).
  • The post-Aristotelian is the least instructive of the three periods of Greek thought, and I shall delineate only its main outlines.
  • I could not, if I would, delineate her features, for I only recall their charm of emotion, their attractive variety of sentiment.

Definition of Delineate

To sketch out, draw or trace an outline. | To depict, represent with pictures. | To describe or depict with words or gestures.
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