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  • Let us see delineated before us, the true map of man.
  • The qualities of his mind are faithfully delineated in his features.
  • You can judge yourself whether the likeness delineated is correct.
  • Some subjects require to be delineated according to their own taste.
  • In like manner coins were delineated through the leather of pocketbooks.
  • Such would be the ideal state of simple nature as delineated above.
  • But yu ought tew see the game; it kant be delineated bi words.
  • The Pulpits delineated are: St. Westburga, Chester; SS.
  • A fac-simile of this inscription was faithfully delineated by Mr. Geo.
  • Who but yourself could have been delineated as the god of the flowery bow?".

How To Use Delineated In A Sentence?

  • Areas of private property are neatly delineated from areas of the public domain.
  • The splendors of a Sierra sunset cannot be accurately delineated by pencil or brush.
  • Hugo, Goethe, and Hawthorne have accurately delineated single steps in the growth of the soul.
  • At the moment it seemed as though her ideal were well enough delineated by the picture of my opposite.
  • The figures in all cases appear to have been delineated with ordinary brushes and by purely free hand methods.
  • The consequences of this ideal of personal liberty in the destruction of the art of life are forcibly delineated in the last chapters.
  • The more awe inspiring and imposing the young man delineated the scene without, the more snug and comfortable did the room appear within.
  • No one has ever delineated this period in the soul's growth with greater vividness than Bunyan.
  • Every season of our American year has been delineated by him, and the drawing and coloring of his pictures are always correct.
  • Pip, the hero, from whose mind the whole representation takes its form and color, is admirably delineated throughout.
  • For several minutes she lay thus, on her side, every detail clearly delineated as liquid fire roared down her open hatches.
  • Perhaps the nearest approach to such experience which we can make is to examine the group of Cambrian animals delineated in Fig.
  • The wild ferocity of the following scene has many parallels in the actual duels of the time, as delineated in Froissart and Brantome.
  • If Toombs could but be delineated to the life in his extempore action, advice, and phrase he would soon attain a lofty station in world literature.
  • Then it was thought that if the relics were esteemed, so much the more should be the faithful copies of the persons of the saints, as delineated by the arts of painting and sculpture.
  • The Antiquities of Athens, Measured and Delineated by J. Stuart and N. Revett.
  • The subordinate objects in the great mass of existence were decompounded, and the essential peculiarities of their different natures delineated with astonishing accuracy and wonderful precision.
  • Goethe delineated the characteristics of his charming mother in the character of Elizabeth, wife of Goetz von Berlichingen.
  • I would go a long way to kiss the hem of her garment, or the hand that delineated this glowing and lofty representation of purity and noble virtue.
  • The phenomena which are delineated in the following pages will not seem so arbitrary and strange after this introductory glance at the middle-age philosophy, as they might otherwise at first sight.
  • The lady had died during that night; and it was subsequently ascertained, that the circumstances delineated in the dream, simulated those which had occurred by the death-bed.
  • It does not seem probable that Hugo had any particular Sultan in mind when he delineated Sultan Mourad.
  • How far in the discharge of my official duties I have been guided by the principles which have been delineated the public records and other evidences of my conduct must witness to you and to the world.

Definition of Delineated

simple past tense and past participle of delineate
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