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How To Use Delineates In A Sentence?

  • Isaac Walton, in his Life of Hooker, delineates the character of the said venerable prelate.
  • But whoever delineates so must suffer no distorting tints of pique, or spite, or prejudice on his palate.
  • Although the scene of it was laid in ancient Greece, it delineates the institution of chivalry and the manners and sentiments it produced.
  • But even faint moonlight delineates well the shape of an old round-topped black velvet cap, and makes it look far blacker than it does by day.
  • In a few bold strokes he delineates to the astonished skeptics some salient points of natural and revealed religion, and then leaves the truth to germinate and crowd out the evil in its own way and time.
  • He analyses motives and pictures manners; he delineates men and describes events; his reflections are pregnant with suggestiveness, his conclusions strong with the logic of facts.

Definition of Delineates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of delineate
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