Delirious In A Sentence

Definition of Delirious

(medicine) Being in the state of delirium. | Having uncontrolled excitement; ecstatic.

How To Use Delirious In A Sentence?

  • Next day she was delirious and kept on muttering letters and figures which were never the same.
  • That he was delirious then, and had never been able to tell them who he was or whence he came.
  • The air was perfumed with the aroma of flowers and moistened by the delirious play of fountains.
  • Her cheeks were rosy with the happy thrumming of her heart; a delirious beat was in her temples.
  • With this attack for the first time I became unconscious, and passed into a delirious state.
  • Two of my ribs were fractured, and for three weeks I was confined to bed with a delirious fever.
  • Around, around the firmamental ocean, I swam expanding with delirious fire!
  • At night he grew delirious and raved about "brave Roberts," who would soon release him.
  • Let Joy amid delirious song make wing And flock with choirs of cherubim on high.
  • He scorned to take advantage of the opportunity given him by his position as owner of the mine to overhear the delirious ravings of the sick man.
  • My room-mate might have been ill when he came on board, and he might have become delirious after he went to bed.
  • He was indissolubly associated with that short heyday of delirious joy; he had given them their one gulp from the cup of adventure and escapade.
  • There is something delirious about it, an impossible invasion of the higher world by the lower, a shattering of unapproachable bars.
  • For two weeks he lay, interspersing long periods of unconsciousness with hours of wild, delirious raving.
  • Ensued the usual delirious moment when poor mortals conquer time and eternity, set at naught the black riddle of existence.
  • The most delirious of enterprises is that of Moor, but the vastness of his mind renders even that interesting.
  • But Kate's occasional outbursts of delirious excitement were far more difficult of understanding.
  • For three weeks I lay ill, delirious most of the time, and they bore me with them in a litter in all their wanderings.
  • For a moment her heart stood still in terror, as the dark eyes rested on her face, then there came a feeble, husky moan of delirious joy.
  • I lay delirious with remembrance of her ... imagined myself with her as I lay there, and whispered terms of love and endearment into the dark.
  • This feeling (and, oh! at times it is one of delirious and vague delight, at others of the darkest gloom) deepens with me day by day.
  • In spite of this parallel the distinguishing criterion between the two is very vague, because from the sane to the delirious idea the transitions are very numerous.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Delirious | Delirious Sentence

  • Rhoda was quite delirious now.
  • Is delirious and very restless.
  • He was becoming delirious with terror.
  • Of deity delirious with desire!
  • Bridge had not yet reached its delirious stage.
  • Ah, the delirious weeks of honeymoon!
  • They found him in his tent delirious and in a high fever.
  • Dreams, dreams all, but such delirious dreams.
  • But not all the Americans were delirious enthusiasts.
  • Captain Scraggs was almost delirious with joy.
  • Eliphalet Fox is stark mad with delirious joy.
  • The Arab boy Selim is delirious from constant fever.
  • Her sense told her that her father was delirious and raving.
  • Dicky hung delirious over the sill, and shrieked he knew not what.
  • I went home in a state of delirious ecstasy such as I had never experienced.
  • He heard the delirious lad mutter, "Curse the pious crank!
  • By the time the Indians were settled on the rock Rhoda was delirious again.
  • She's delirious with hunger!" said Roger.

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