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  • There was no delirium in that!
  • Perhaps there was some reason in his delirium after all.
  • It was the delirium that brought her down.
  • Facts on delirium tremens.
  • Fever and delirium are upon him.
  • He moaned in his delirium over the picture.
  • In delirium they fought to return.
  • A wild delirium possessed him.
  • Did he know what delirium tremens was?
  • What if the delirium were never to pass away?
  • Yes; it has been a delirium of terror.
  • I returned to the car in a delirium of happiness.
  • Weeks of wild raving and delirium followed.
  • Tis true that in a few weeks the delirium was at an end.
  • In the apotheosis was the delirium that madmen know.
  • A gentle delirium enfolded his brain.
  • His delirium was over now, and he was quite himself.
  • The young rake probably has the delirium tremens.
  • Moreover, it is common in delirium tremens.
  • For nearly an hour delirium reigned unbridled.
  • The nation seemed delivered up to a delirium of murder.
  • It was all blind madness, a delirium of ecstasy.
  • Innocent and pure, no delirium had disturbed her dream.
  • If the delirium continues, the bath should be prolonged.
  • The girl on the bed grew quiet; delirium ceased.
  • Don't be surprised; that's not delirium yet.
  • The truth is, Lawrence was in a delirium of expectancy.
  • Thank Heaven, the fever was gone, the delirium at an end.
  • And there was no concealment in this delirium as there had been in his.
  • In her delirium she raved over the past scene of the punishment.
  • I was the first to awaken from this blissful delirium of the affections.
  • They burst from him in a delirium that could hardly have been studied.
  • Paul gleaned from her ravings in delirium the cause of her unrest.
  • I stepped forward in the delirium of feverish thirst for slaughter.
  • Fever and delirium set in with him, terror and dread with her.
  • The young man turned and smiled at her in the delirium of his courage.
  • He realized nothing in his delirium except the nature of his wound.
  • The young man had caught the delirium that was abroad that night.

How To Use Delirium In A Sentence?

  • Her fondness for me seemed the only recollection which her delirium had spared.
  • Hamlen had caught the contagion and was as affected with delirium as those around him.

Definition of Delirium

A temporary mental state with a sudden onset, usually reversible, including symptoms of confusion, inability to concentrate, disorientation, anxiety, and sometimes hallucinations. Causes can include dehydration, drug intoxication, and severe infection.
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