Deliverance In A Sentence

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  • Then when will the deliverance come?
  • No other deliverance is possible for you.
  • And the prayer for deliverance was heard.
  • Here the work of deliverance is the simplest.
  • Their hour of deliverance has come.
  • They will deliverance for the land of their fathers.
  • The hour of thy deliverance is near.
  • That is the real deliverance from the monotony of things.
  • The road of deliverance has its first landmarks.
  • With that sweet music of deliverance strove!
  • Till we the glad songs of deliverance sing.
  • This is the ultimate deliverance of verminous old age.
  • The devilish pack from rules deliverance boasts.
  • But deliverance had come: he was alive!
  • In deep deliverance given from the bonds we bore.
  • Alone and helpless, how could deliverance be effected?
  • If all will lend a hand, deliverance will come.
  • What a miraculous Deliverance was here!
  • But what would I not have given for deliverance from it!
  • It is a great deliverance that God has wrought!
  • They cried to God for deliverance from their oppressors!
  • And now I began to think of my deliverance indeed.
  • But for Sally was the brightness, the deliverance withheld.
  • May the good Lord grant us full deliverance from it!
  • Nature is nothing else than the deliverance of sense-awareness.
  • Out of this dark phase of their oppression their deliverance must rise.
  • Watch then and be prepared; for deliverance is near at hand.
  • But there was much to be done ere our deliverance could be accomplished.
  • I had met with, and my hopes of a speedy deliverance from their trouble.
  • At last the day of the seventh queen's deliverance arrived.
  • The deliverance of the church is one thing, judgment is another.

How To Use Deliverance In A Sentence?

  • If he could only find deliverance from himself and his own subjective processes!
  • Therefore for thee the oracle will not speak and the waters of deliverance will not flow.
  • The world being what it is there can be no hope of deliverance along the road of treaties.
  • We felt like rejoicing at our deliverance and there was no mourning now for us.
  • Jesus will not ask for deliverance from that hour, because he had sought it from the beginning.
  • It is not from rich men that the poor must hope for deliverance from starvation.
  • For after that single deliverance of opinion she made no comment on all the discussion and advice.
  • We rose from the aerodrome within fifteen minutes of the deliverance of flying orders.
  • The sun remained in the sky as usual to add his splendor to our day of deliverance and exultation.

Definition of Deliverance

Act of delivering or conveying something. | Delivery in childbirth. | Extrication from danger, imprisonment, rescue etc.
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