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  • She would pay him for delivering her from the child.
  • However, that will not prevent my delivering the message.
  • There he lay, delivering jets of information.
  • It was Tartarin delivering justice.
  • But how does Christ fulfil his purpose of delivering us?
  • Meanwhile Julian Gray came in from delivering his message.
  • That would be equivalent to delivering himself over to the hangman.
  • Don't try to get out of delivering it.
  • Was he not delivering a beautiful lady from the dragon of calumny?
  • Some question of fifty pounds was to get from you on delivering letter.
  • How earnest and matter of fact she was in delivering her extraordinary errand!
  • Forthwith the fire was quenched, and he sang delivering grace.
  • But no delivering bands ever came over the hills to reward their watching.
  • He uttered each word slowly, like a judge delivering sentence.
  • The Professor had no chance of delivering his therapeutic lecture.
  • Otherwise Hank wouldn't be delivering them here.
  • Nevertheless, Murray had another talk with him before delivering the policy.
  • I was delivering milk to the house across the street from the Hatfield place.
  • It is hot work delivering an important speech in South Africa.

How To Use Delivering In A Sentence?

  • The ministers were successively employed in delivering occasional discourses.
  • Hast thou not placed me under the heaviest of obligations by delivering me from a bottle of brass?
  • On this occasion he had the satisfaction of delivering 1600 human beings from slavery.
  • A pair of widely branching antlers is as useful in warding off blows as in delivering them.
  • And was the boy to be the whole afternoon in delivering a cheese, he demanded of her?
  • Ecking out his pound of flesh delivering misery in sordidness, he parboils the land.
  • Lawyers fall foul upon them, under pretence of delivering flies from their clutches.
  • She rapidly scribbled off a letter, and implored of him to let nobody see him delivering it.
  • He had come in with Marjorie for the purpose of delivering an imposing warning.
  • We settled our business about delivering the letter, and handing over the money, in no time.
  • They could do so just as long as the Germans insisted on delivering themselves into their hands.
  • A grocer weighing sugar, or a postman delivering letters, does not feel such impressions.
  • These voices whispered to her the duty imposed upon herself, of delivering France.
  • Anyhow, I went and stood on the terrace while the maid was delivering my message.
  • So then in obedience to Him, he went about delivering the earth from injustice and lawlessness.
  • After delivering this he tried to put his arm around Simone and to drag her into the next room.
  • Mr. Webster opened the case, delivering a most eloquent and exhaustive argument for the college.
  • Why not go back to the old custom of himself delivering his Messages to Congress?
  • And I got a job after school hours delivering stuff for a grocery store, down in our town.
  • At length, after many attempts, Mack succeeded in delivering his hammer according to instructions.
  • Eight aqueducts supplied ancient Rome with water, delivering 40 millions of cubit feet daily.

Definition of Delivering

present participle of deliver | An act of delivering.
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