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  • Barlow delivers the first address.
  • Redemption delivers from the power of indwelling sin.
  • James delivers up the key as one glad to be rid of it.
  • This awful speech she delivers with the greatest gusto.
  • The Etonian delivers his first ball.
  • Here Gray delivers the secret doctrine of the poets.
  • King delivers the Letter and Watch intrusted to him.
  • On the morrow morning, she delivers her Note to Duperret.
  • It delivers from eternal wrath and introduces to eternal glory.
  • What sense-awareness delivers over for knowledge is nature through a period.
  • The top strand is the working strand and delivers its load at the terminal.
  • It delivers goods for the merchant; parcels for the post office.
  • The wind delivers a succession of rapid blows, and he is thrown back.
  • At Michael's call, delivers up its dead.
  • Doctor Holmes delivers four lectures every week for eight months of the year.
  • From it he delivers by the Spirit a sermon on the claims of our Lord.

How To Use Delivers In A Sentence?

  • He first racks them soundly himself, and then delivers them to the lawyer for execution.
  • And all through the book he delivers his sentence like a man who has earned the right to speak.
  • Oh, yes, and it literally does tickle you every time it delivers an instruction.
  • An Ambassador lands and delivers his message to a high-spirited, wild young race like yours.
  • Export that for a few pieces of blood-money delivers up old and faithful servants to wretchedness.
  • The main outlet sewer delivers at a distance of about one-half mile from the last junction with a branch sewer.
  • He delivers you common matters with great conjuration of silence, and whispers you in the ear acts of parliament.
  • On the other hand, if he delivers his grip to the company, then the company is bound by the same rule as when carrying other goods and merchandise.
  • One may divide the money while the other delivers the moral lecture against mutiny, illustrated by the amount that good behavior gains.
  • Kanchanmala delivers the accustomed gifts of sandal, saffron, and flowers to the queen, who offers them to the image.
  • The host delivers himself of an epic about his love across the seas, with the most agonizing expression, and in a shockingly bad voice.
  • Open the taps fully and regulate the screw clamp, by actual experiment, so that the tube delivers 1 c.c.
  • The whip-poor-will delivers its disconsolate cry with the notes exactly reversed from those of his Northern brother.
  • The Company would lose nothing in granting this request, because all he delivers is two or three pieces of ordinary chintz a year.
  • Worley Gates, who farms eight miles south, comes in to catch an early train and delivers the first bulletin.
  • A worshipper steps forth, sent by the Emperor, and delivers a congratulatory oration upon the peace and prosperity of the land.
  • We ought to thank God when he delivers us from evil, and be afraid to sin against him as the Egyptians did.
  • Everything nowadays is worked from Downing Street, and the ambassador is simply the office boy who delivers the message.
  • Moreover, Old Colonial is a bush-philosopher, and delivers himself of moral orations in the shanty of nights.
  • The lecturer who comes from Oxford or Cambridge, delivers his course, and departs, has no doubt his uses.
  • So long as this column of water is maintained at a fixed height, the power it delivers to the wheel does not vary by so much as the weight of a feather.
  • As the queen delivers the clothes into the hands of the slave, she notices signs of royalty in his hands and is surprised that such a hand is engaged in so low an office.
  • The other officers are then severally presented by the Marshal to the Installing Officer, who delivers to each his appropriate charge.
  • Socrates, when he departs from his character of a 'know nothing' and delivers a speech, generally pretends that what he is speaking is not his own composition.

Definition of Delivers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deliver
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