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How To Use Dell In A Sentence?

  • The stables and quarters are in this dell we are coming to; nicely out of sight.
  • How delicious it had been in that green dell under the walnut tree, with the grey squirrels!
  • And he caught his charges, either by an arm, and bustled them out of the dell and down the road.
  • The cottage itself stood in a little dell where trees grew, and a moorland stream babbled.
  • The place was a dell in the woods, the bottom filled with a dark, clear little lake.
  • He had some important letters to answer, and he pointed out to Dell the bag which contained them.
  • Then through the dell his horn resounds, From vain pursuit to call the hounds.
  • When the review was over the old gentleman invited them all to visit Dingley Dell next day.
  • But all that appeared to the eyes of Mr. Dell was a somewhat extensive flutter of muslin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dell | Dell Sentence

  • Down in the dell to the right.
  • The lovely dell is all his own.
  • The brook in the dell they pass.
  • Illumed the dewy dell last night.
  • All along the dell the sunshine poured.
  • The dell maun be but a step across.
  • It was a little dell far in the heart of the woods.
  • The view of the dell at my left hand was lovely.
  • Gradually the dell spread into a smooth, narrow valley.
  • Miss Dell gets on your nerves, too.
  • Mr. Dell had made his appearance on the stage.
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  • Inside the dell it was neither June nor January.
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  • Throughout the winter this dell is clothed with the rarest flowers.
  • His congregation were passing from the dell to the healthy mound.
  • At the bottom of this dell the flowers have an amaranthine bloom.
  • They were in the midst of the most perfect wooded dell they had ever beheld.
  • Behind the house there was a deep grassy dell through which a brook ran.
  • There was quietness now o'er hill and dell and forest-land.
  • Near the house is a little dell full of fir-trees, and she runs into it.
  • But where's this dell where the Dryad disappeared?
  • And, hidden in a dell in the forest, they came upon two women.
  • The knight smiled free at the fantasy, And adown the dell did ride.
  • I had got enough for that day, and turning about, left the dell with Preston.
  • She knew that Miss Dell had real cause for her frequent complaints.
  • The glow-worms, numerous and bright, Illumed the dewy dell last night.
  • Then I walked up the dell beside Preston, without looking at him.
  • In a flowered dell the Lady Venus stood, Amazed with sorrow.

Definition of Dell

(obsolete) A young woman; a wench.
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