Deluded In A Sentence

Definition of Deluded

Being affected by delusions. | simple past tense and past participle of delude

How To Use Deluded In A Sentence?

  • Do not be deluded into the idea that the religious or the virtuous man does it!
  • The services of the last two individuals are only sought for by you deluded southerns.
  • Those hopes which have so long deluded them must be driven from their last refuge.
  • The trouble is that so many people are so painfully deluded regarding their voices.
  • When the deluded one arrived at the office he was received with studied courtesy.
  • Her quick receptivity absorbed the new ideas with eagerness; but she no longer deluded herself.
  • It is only in poetry that dying Desdemonas exonerate even their deluded slayers.
  • Marlowe deluded himself as well as Faustus, and palmed off on to him a mere modern lady.
  • And to abolitionists, I have only to say in conclusion, poor deluded souls, I sincerely pity you.
  • Had she only deluded herself in that feeling which had created the strengthening calm of the last few days?
  • There is no possibility of agreement between men who think one another deluded in regard to fundamentals.
  • Napoleon was so strangely deluded as to expect to find support in that quarter for his anti-unionist conspiracy.
  • Other writers again are still more vividly deluded by their friends into the opposite error of believing that they have wit.
  • The life of this man had been secretly bad; he had deluded himself with maxims and rules of gentility.
  • So they did now; 10 but unfortunately the ministers and wise men were more deluded than the illiterate people.
  • The existence of such reviews and utterances implies the existence of at least many thousands who have not been deluded by their governors.
  • Where she was deluded was in supposing that she would no longer dread his impetuous disposition to turn rosy visions into facts.
  • As for the maiden, no sooner was her deluded lover fairly out of sight than she began to prepare for flight.
  • For some days the poor deluded creature was very violent, and made many efforts to escape from his confinement.
  • The future looked to be even more barren than before the kindly hope sprang up to wave its golden prospects before her deluded eyes.
  • Both of whom also asked her to dance, and while dancing had a good laugh at the expense of the two deluded ones.
  • Her crew, deluded by the false and extravagant promises of privateering captains and owners, had all deserted.
  • Like most dishonest men, the Prince and the favourite complained that the people whom they had deluded were dishonest.
  • Such lots of good advice he has for us heathens, such sighing and groaning over us poor deluded drinkers of allegorical liquors.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deluded | Deluded Sentence

  • Poor deluded creatures!
  • Out of her great longing she had deluded herself.
  • We cannot long be deluded by nominal distinctions.
  • These wilderness men are not to be deluded in that manner.
  • It was thy mother who deluded thee.
  • Poor, deluded young creature.
  • May the poor deluded victim meet with mercy!
  • My aunt, my poor deluded aunt!
  • O poor deluded Catholic woman!
  • It were to tell, how the deluded maid A victim fell.
  • Never were there poor deluded creatures guided in such a way as they.
  • They had no mind to be deluded into working for a precarious wage.
  • A deluded cock at about midnight awoke and fancied it must be day.
  • Certain old deluded and ceremonious persons took charge of the sacrifices.
  • And his wild mouth Seemed spouting echoes of deluded thoughts.
  • The adventurer plucked up spirit, deluded by Kirkwood's pacific tone.

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