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  • Le deluge babylonien.
  • He believed the deluge to have been universal.
  • The heavens opened and a deluge fell out.
  • It was under him that the great deluge took place.
  • A deluge of water soon extinguished these.
  • The deluge of sin has swept the world.
  • Both stories tell of a great storm and deluge of water.
  • I feel still the cold sweat deluge my brow.
  • I perceive the deluge fell upon you before it reached us.
  • He foresaw the Deluge that was to come.
  • Free negroes would then deluge the great Northern cities.
  • Yet within thirty years the deluge had been unloosed and swept all before it.
  • Six days and nights the wind continued, the deluge and the tempest raged.
  • Organized Labor was horrified by the deluge of "scabs" thus created.
  • There was no "let up" of the deluge throughout that day and Easter-Monday.
  • Twas all a shade, a darken'd scene, Old Noah's deluge come again!
  • About two o'clock in the morning we were overwhelmed with a deluge of rain.

How To Use Deluge In A Sentence?

  • Just as they reached this point the heavens opened and the clouds descended in a deluge of rain.
  • I had caused her exceeding annoyance by my deluge and torrent of absurd letters ...
  • Even while he looked, there was a great bulge in the central part, and a deluge burst through.
  • A peace to the nations will nothing restore But the challenge of death and a deluge of gore!
  • Nothing, nothing on earth, except perhaps a deluge of rain could now stop that torrent of fire.
  • Warrington turned the key, and a deluge of cold salt-water struck Craig full in the chest.
  • The account of the Deluge covers the eleventh tablet of the poem of Gilgames.
  • For when the gen'ral deluge drown'd the world, Where could their tribes have found security?
  • He was quite sincere in the feeling that if she were but safe he should be more or less indifferent to the deluge overwhelming himself.
  • In his downfall he carried his instructor with him, and a deluge of tracts from the table above followed.
  • This deluge of worthless periodicals and books can be counteracted only by gratuitous supplies from the public library.
  • Men and horses bowed their heads before the deluge and the rain ran in streams from the manes and tails.
  • One was the practise of helping forward every undertaking by a deluge of ardent spirit in some of its multifarious mistifications.
  • Sun from the cloudless sky poured down on the unlovely prospect before them in a deluge of steaming, tropical heat.
  • This precaution is especially necessary, for during the afternoon there has been a terrific thunderstorm and a sudden sharp deluge of rain.
  • The light of free day stormed in on our prison-inured eyes in a blinding deluge of white and gold ...
  • The last event was the signal at which the floods of the deluge fairly began to rise, and the revolutionary tide to swell.
  • Many nations have preserved accounts of a deluge in which all people, except a family or two, were destroyed.
  • As the two men looked at each other questioningly, there was a deafening crash and a huge deluge of water smashed down on the cook tent.
  • The view of the Pyrenees from this point had always been celebrated before the deluge as one of the most remarkable in the world.
  • As the ship righted itself, only to keel far to starboard the next minute, a deluge of water covered the deck.
  • Fortunately, the hatch had been shut, and the deluge of water had not gone into the cabin, or the boat must have foundered.
  • For Beatrice believed in having two strings to her bow and she had written her aunt a second deluge of complaints and requests.

Definition of Deluge

(transitive) To flood with water. | (transitive) To overwhelm. | A great flood or rain.
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