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  • But it was only in secret that she laboured at this delusive though delightful architecture.
  • He seemed to wake up, to start back from some delusive trance that crept upon him.
  • But dearest Lucy, all these agreeable and delusive anticipations have vanished.
  • It had been a conspiracy of delusive kindness from the day Wesley entered Rosedale.
  • I feel myself like God's lost prodigal; I left Him for the world's delusive charms.
  • To say that employers and employed are partners in an enterprise is only a delusive figure of speech.
  • The situation of a delusive perceptual object is a passive condition in the ingression of that object into nature.
  • Equally delusive are the prospects held out that the new system of cheap provincial justice will be a change unconditionally for the better.
  • Of this tempting, this delusive kind, is the expectation of great performances by confederated strength.
  • Such was the terrible promise she extorted from the wretched lover, under the delusive hope of their meeting in another and happier life.
  • But the delusive idea of having a friend at court whom they call a redeemer, who pays all their scores, is an encouragement to wickedness.
  • This delusive palliation is more particularly one of the effects of corrosive sublimate in Dysentery; and is exceedingly dangerous in this disease.
  • Of shows delusive curs'd be the dominion, Within whose mocking sphere our sense is bound!
  • These same leaders are busily inculcating the delusive notion that the diplomatic instrument which will one day close hostilities will be a treaty of peace.
  • Perhaps, after all, the Redworths of the world are right, and Literature as a profession is a delusive pursuit.
  • The result of these circumstances was the delusive treaty of Pinerolo, agreed to in the month of August, 1655.
  • I warn you to beware of the delusive notion that all men and women are alike children of God, whether they have faith in Christ or not.
  • But no man, I think, could satisfy completely in woman the craving for dominion, which the delusive humility of his desire awakens.
  • They are the delusive shapes who tempted the saints of old with exceeding beauty and wiles of love, and great show of affection and flattery.
  • My care should be to give her her gruel as good as I might, and her beef-tea strong, with chicken-broth instead of barley-water and delusive jelly.
  • Damp patches were sometimes found quite early but the hopes they raised were usually delusive and water was only struck at a considerable depth, and then not in any abundance.
  • The operators carry on their processes chiefly in secresy, and under some delusive firm, with the ostensible denotements of a fair and lawful establishment.
  • He knew that Mrs. Arnot would not consciously mock him with delusive hopes, and as she spoke her words seemed to have the ring and echo of truth.
  • On a sudden he threw down his brush, and with a feeling of bitter disappointment upbraided himself for what he now thought his folly in listening to the fairy, and accepting her delusive gift.
  • He sent some of his men to a point where they should be partly visible to the enemy over a hedge; these he caused to pass and repass, so as to give a delusive idea of numbers.
  • When used habitually and excessively it becomes a tonic, which stimulates the whole nervous system, producing intense mental exaltation and delusive visions.
  • That evening was the last gleam of the delusive well-being in which Madame de la Baudraye had lived since coming to Paris.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Delusive | Delusive Sentence

  • Words delusive cheat the ear!
  • Strange and delusive destiny of man!
  • And dear delusive smiles!
  • Feeling and desire do not yield to this delusive belief.
  • But he said nothing of this delusive temper to his mother.
  • I was not long left to indulge such delusive hopes.
  • Turn from the town's delusive joys.
  • Fairies and journalists have an apparent gaiety and a delusive beauty.
  • In war's delusive chance.
  • A delusive hope assailed me that some accident might have overtaken it.
  • Their delusive good intention is no sort of excuse for their presumption.
  • And with delusive flattery bindeth Its victim to this dreary cell!
  • That wide, slippery word "perhaps" led them into many delusive suppositions.

Definition of Delusive

Producing delusions. | Delusional. | Inappropriate to reality; forming part of a delusion.
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