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  • Ryerson was neither a demagogue nor a constitutionalist.
  • The mere demagogue is soon well known.
  • His merits as a demagogue and political writer are undeniable.
  • The demagogue is not content till he has made the crowd drunk too.
  • To be a demagogue is not to advocate one thing rather than another.
  • It may at the same time send a demagogue and a statesman to the Senate.

How To Use Demagogue In A Sentence?

  • But the demagogue at least consults the mob as though it had a mind and will of its own.
  • The man is a demagogue in the nineteenth century, who in the sixteenth would have been a vagabond.
  • A demagogue and a demi-mondaine chanced to arrive together at the gate of Paradise.
  • Micah has more to say, but not better, about the demagogue prophets in the following oracle (iii.
  • Well, you are conversing with a demagogue, an avowed one: a demagogue and a Jew.
  • My dear Corinna, the demagogue is the one everlasting and unalterable American institution.
  • For those few moments, the Hyde Park demagogue with his frothy vaporings existed no longer.
  • The truth is that no popular leader was ever less of a demagogue than Sir Edward Carson.
  • Accordingly, the clerical demagogue showed more interest in the unemployed than in the unconverted.
  • This the young man admitted candidly in the very moment when he told himself that he detested the demagogue and all his works.
  • Even when we have put the demagogue securely above the despot, however, we are left in considerable doubt about him.
  • How large a part feelings play in argument you can see if you have ever heard the speech of a demagogue to an excited crowd.
  • The breach once made will grow wider and wider, and at last the demagogue will take the place of the landed proprietor.
  • It is of these three things that it may be said, apart from all demagogue subtlety, that they are anterior and superior to all human legislation.
  • He needs 'laws,' and government, and a lord or a squire in the chair, or a demagogue on the rostrum.
  • The words Jew and demagogue and baroness, quoted in the letter, were old missiles hurling again at him.
  • God Himself, the demagogue informed her, gives in His march of time spectacular illustration of temporal vanity.
  • Mirabeau then started from his seat and appealed to the Assembly in that mixed style of the academician and the demagogue which characterized his eloquence.
  • The demagogue who had ruled and misruled before had been reelected once or twice, and the newspapers were still indulging their familiar strain of irresponsible and ineffective criticism.
  • The art of the demagogue is the art of the parrot; he must utter some senseless catchword again and again, working on the suggestibility of the crowd.
  • Of course, Bill Sikes had not a wooden leg, and a demagogue is not necessarily a man who kicks away the ladder by which he has risen.
  • The Philistines revenged themselves on an old aristocratic Radical and a Jew demagogue with the weapon that scandal hands to virtue.
  • We feel that the difference between a demagogue and a statesman is that the former converts human beings into a mob, while the latter exalts a mob into a company of human beings.
  • His demand for his rights as an American citizen was the predominating characteristic of his nature, for he was a born demagogue of the most pronounced type.
  • It was the moment for a demagogue and one appeared in the person of Raes de la Riviere, lord of Heers.
  • That, in the absence of military service, demagogue policy is the first and most indispensable element of success, and the art of party drilling the second.

Definition of Demagogue

(intransitive and transitive) To speak or act in the manner of a demagogue; to speak about (an issue) in the manner of a demagogue. | (derogatory) A political orator or leader who gains favor by pandering to or exciting the passions and prejudices of the audience rather than by using rational argument. | (historical) A leader of the people.

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