Demands In A Sentence

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  • She demands her husband.
  • Their demands were met by blows.
  • The subject demands a simplicity of colouring.
  • Virtue demands our homage wherever it is found.
  • But could any man make such demands upon her?
  • Kerry was quite equal to current demands on her inhumanity.
  • Heaven, death by the hand of, demands patience, 55.
  • The argument of St. Paul demands this interpretation.
  • Smith's life demands excitement.
  • Further, he demands full control of you and of me and of all your men.
  • Permit me to settle with the officers, and to clear all demands upon you.
  • Good conversation demands restraint, adaptability, and reasonable brevity.
  • The time demands attention to myself, Nor will be wasted in revenge on you.
  • Yes, when the donor, for those benefits, Instead of gratitude, demands myself.
  • What's up now?" suddenly demands the adjutant.

How To Use Demands In A Sentence?

  • Beating on the outer oaken doors of the ancient mansion, he peremptorily demands admission.
  • Then what are the new proofs of the theory of descent which Virchow demands of us?
  • Indeed, a full mind demands this relief in expression, lest the strain become too great.
  • Shortly after three o'clock it seems to be settled that Austria's demands will be fulfilled.
  • Love demands a variety of qualities, which have long left me, if I ever had them.
  • A well-modulated voice demands appropriate changes of pitch, force, perspective, and feeling.
  • But though he speaks loud and demands to be heard For threats as for praises, he says not a word.
  • A chorus of other demands followed, but Brigham only sat on his box, smiling easily.
  • Luther begs all who glory in the name of Christians to conduct themselves as Paul demands 2 Cor.
  • Paul demands of the Christian minister that he "rightly divide the Word of Truth" (2 Tim.
  • I did not feel at all tempted to enter into a conversation upon the art of acting and its higher demands with this girl.
  • Its aims were never simply to get on; it had an altogether different system of demands and satisfactions.
  • These are the demands (quite natural demands) of those who are ready to follow the standard of monarchy.
  • The honor of my regiment demands that he be run down and brought to justice; and you must not withhold the only proof with which we can reach him.
  • However, it was a penalty must be exacted, and he thought that the toll once paid he had secured himself against all demands for the future.
  • But the fall of "current futures" would be checked by the demands that must be satisfied in the near future.
  • And if not, what are we to think of that attribute of justice, which demands an eternity to inflict the infinite pangs due to a single sin?
  • How did they treat the just claims and reasonable demands of the German nation for measures that were admitted to be crying needs of the times?
  • The demands of telephonic practice are, however, such as to require condensers of very cheap construction with large capacity in a small space.
  • It has filled my thoughts, which I wish to lay open to you with the clearness and simplicity which your friendship demands from me.
  • Masses are rude, lame, unmade, pernicious in their demands and influence, and need not to be flattered but to be schooled.
  • It was in that old study I so well remember, ere it was renovated to meet the demands of modern taste.
  • These demands were not complied with and diplomatic relations were immediately broken off by the British and French representatives.
  • These make different demands of their poets; youth wishes to conquer, manhood to fortify, old age merely not to lose.
  • In order to save his doctrine from reproach, Edwards has invented a distinction, which next demands our attention.

Definition of Demands

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of demand | plural of demand

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