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  • It will be a democracy of completer citizenship, that gives place to women as to men.
  • Social Democracy has fought against this ominous development with all the forces at its command.
  • In the second sense, as in the first, the meaning of democracy rises above class distinctions.
  • The Protestant principle of the universal priesthood of believers involves democracy in religion.
  • Here also, he told himself, half humorously, half bitterly, democracy had won.
  • But the rank and file of Democracy drank deep libations to Liberty there, mother.
  • In his arguments there remains not a trace of the vague democracy of the "Marxist" Kautsky.
  • But in doing so, we will be enabled to bring democracy through its current crisis and into its next stage of development.
  • Yet this is clear: that the interests of democracy and the interests of true religion are ultimately one.
  • On the other side of the ocean the democratic organization of power in a federal republic was based on the agrarian democracy of the farmers.
  • It does not lie within the limits of this paper to canvass the wider and deeper meaning of democracy which is opening before us.
  • Doughface democracy among us has squalled as if receiving deadly wounds at every proposal to crush or injure the foe.
  • Education in a democracy must be education for democracy; and education for democracy must itself be democratic in content and method.
  • Education without democracy perpetuates caste divisions, or else breeds discontent and class hatred.
  • The democracy for which we fight to make the world safe will be a chastened, changed, completer democracy.
  • To imagine that democracy can be restored in its general purity means that one is living in a pitiful, reactionary utopia.
  • The Proudhonists repudiated democracy for the same reason that they repudiated the political struggle generally.
  • Parnell took his place and began to marshal the broken forces of Irish democracy against his own class.
  • Revolutionary crews in Russian submarines gave illustrations of what happens if democracy is carried to its limits.
  • For like reason we should expect the Teutonic races to develop into the greatest democracy of the modern world.
  • Kautsky indicates with certitude not one country in which democracy is really capable of guaranteeing a painless transition to Socialism.
  • In the democracy of the trenches the sons of the Pilgrims and the immigrant sons of the slums have come to know and to understand one another.
  • The doctrine of formal democracy is not scientific Socialism, but the theory of so-called natural law.
  • The school of democracy proved quite insufficient to rouse the German proletariat to revolution when the catastrophe of the war was at hand.
  • But all these will fail to satisfy her pride, unless she can cleanse herself from that corruption by which her political democracy has debased itself.
  • He had worked for nearly three years with the Ambulance Corps, and was now fighting for democracy with his fellows.
  • Americans would rue the day they had sent back to the White House the man who was now stabbing crucified democracy in the back!
  • I only know that there are but two nations on the face of the earth capable of holding town-meetings and acting by spontaneous democracy for themselves.
  • It was all very typically and very delightfully American, a composite of true Democracy in which one is for all, and all for one.
  • We have still, it seems, a "ruling class"; and in spite of democracy it is still this "ruling class" that matters.
  • But it actually likes its old-fashioned way of living; the innate democracy of the American plan hotel and dinner-in-the-middle-of-the-day.
  • Will the Imperial Government and the British democracy lend them a helping hand or even leave a free hand to them?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Democracy | Democracy Sentence

  • And for democracy it is all right.
  • For him a democracy meant all the people.
  • It will be a democracy of duties as well as of rights.
  • The ideal democracy is the democracy of knowledge and of learning.
  • It is the crowning creature of democracy for its own higher culture.
  • The family is an ideal democracy because it exists primarily for persons.
  • The family is the ideal democracy into which the child-life is born.
  • The democracy has entered into larger liberties, and has brought new ideals.

Definition of Democracy

(uncountable) Rule by the people, especially as a form of government; either directly or through elected representatives (representative democracy). | (countable, government) A government under the direct or representative rule of the people of its jurisdiction. | (uncountable) Belief in political freedom and equality; the "spirit of democracy".
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