Democrat in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Democrat

1. I am a democrat to the bone of me. 🔊

2. What sort of a democrat was this? 🔊

3. A democrat would have imagined it. 🔊

4. I am done with the Democrat and all his ways. 🔊

5. Only the little Democrat sits brooding. 🔊

6. He favored the election of the Democrat nominee. 🔊

7. We only escaped a Social Democrat by a few votes. 🔊

8. If a Social Democrat or an anarchist). 🔊

9. An old mossback Democrat insisted that they have Martin. 🔊

10. Social Democrat 329,946 80 74.1 Old Finn. 🔊

11. State Rights Democrat (Albany, Oregon). 🔊

12. He is going on as usual among his favourite democrat papers. 🔊

13. For the more observant Democrat had caught sight of the cloth parcel. 🔊

14. He was defeated, or rather the Democrat was declared to have been elected. 🔊

15. In the best sense of the word he is in fact the one real democrat in India. 🔊

16. Many a Democrat has fallen into the snare of the Whigs under less allurement. 🔊

17. There was no money at all in voting a Democrat out, and a Republican in. 🔊

How to use Democrat in Sentences?

1. The moment the claims of woman are broached, the democrat becomes a monarchist. 🔊

2. But Clemenceau, young democrat as he was then, would not recognize that virtue. 🔊

3. I have never been able to regard him as a Democrat or a Republican in politics. 🔊

4. To be a Democrat had been, in Acredale, to be charged with secret leanings to rebellion. 🔊

5. But I am a Democrat and singularly (in these days) consequent about universal suffrage. 🔊