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  • Such are the Labour Chambers according to the proposals of the Social Democrats in 1885 and 1890.
  • The hundred and eleven Social Democrats in the Reichstag have no real power in Germany.
  • We had in the first place a large majority of republicans, but we also had a number of very able and influential democrats in the senate.
  • Apparently it did not occur to the Democrats in 1914, that probably Germany had again been guilty of intrigues.
  • On this basis the monetary system of Venice continued till the seizing of the Mint by the Democrats in 1797.
  • This was the original compact between Northern and Southern Democrats in caucus when Douglas consented to repeal.
  • The Democrats in the North were anti-Southern in larger proportion, probably, than at any other time during the struggle of the sections.
  • As a strict party man, he preferred to accept Kansas free, with Democrats in control, rather than risk losing it altogether.
  • In the early days of the territory much had been said, and generally believed, about frauds being perpetrated by the Democrats in the elections on the frontier.
  • A bunch of Socialist Democrats, in a town I was in once, put up a hostler for city judge against a couple of old lawyers on the regular tickets.
  • It is very astonishing to me how some Democrats in the Senate themselves bring these artificial difficulties on the Administration, and it distresses me not a little.
  • When the inevitable split came between the Social-Democrats in power and the Independents in opposition, Brunswick declared for the Independents.
  • With this companion I discussed the collapse of the Social Democrats in the hour of crisis, the triumph of nationalism over internationalism.
  • By the combined action of the Social Democrats in the Reichstag with the increasingly democratic tendencies of the local bodies, all this might come to pass in a very short space of time.
  • In order to obtain a correct judgment of the motives which actuated German Social Democrats in their complete support of the German Government it is necessary to consult the works published by them during the war.
  • This was a third party, made up mainly of former Whigs whose long-cherished party antagonisms kept them aloof from the Democrats in the South and the Republicans in the North.
  • In 1853 and 1854 he was elected to the Legislature as a Whig, and in 1856 was re-elected by a fusion of Whigs and Democrats in opposition to the Know-Nothing candidate.
  • The slavery issue had brought him into politics; he had been elected to the United States Senate by the coalition of a small number of Free-soilers with the Democrats in the Massachusetts Legislature.
  • James Madison, the wise supporter of Washington and Hamilton in earlier days and the fellow worker on "The Federalist," led the Democrats in their furious attacks.
  • You see every day in the press how all are suspected of treason who were Democrats in the old days.
  • On the 22d the whigs and democrats, in order to organize without agreeing to the demands of Toombs, joined in a resolution that the person receiving the largest vote on a certain ballot, if it should be a majority of a quorum, should be speaker.
  • Even the Democrats, in spite of scurrilous attacks made on her by some of their leaders, received her everywhere with the warmest welcome, tore off their party badges, and replaced them by her picture, while giving wild applause to all she said.
  • The triumphant election in November, 1904, of independents or democrats, in four northern States which at the same time went for Mr. Roosevelt, indicates solidity for the true local welfare of the people as against the behests of party.
  • The Democrats and Dr. Preuss had originally introduced a uniform and secular system; but they and the Social-Democrats, in the abstention of the Independents, were unable to carry this through against the Clerical Centrum.
  • Perhaps the truest Unionists of the North, outside the Constitutional Union Party, in 1860, were those Democrats in the following of Douglas who, after fighting to the last ditch against both the sectional parties, were to accept, in 1861, the alternative of war rather than dissolution.
  • If, however, the names of the candidates are arranged according to their party, all the Republicans in one list, all the Democrats in another, etc., this arrangement is much less favourable to independence in voting and much less efficient as a check upon bribery; because the man who votes a straight party ticket will make all his marks in a very short time, while the "scratcher," or independent voter, will consume much more time in selecting his names.
  • A phrase of contempt employed by the Kaiser when speaking of the Social Democrats in 1889, and which became proverbial.]
  • As we go to press, his successor, Grover Cleveland, in the first year of his second administration, is paying a high price for fleeting fame, with the serious question of what to do with the relative coinage of gold and silver, and the Democrats in Congress, for the first time in the history of the world, are referring each other with hot breath and flashing eye to the platform they adopted at the National Convention.
  • The appeals of Democrats in danger were heard sympathetically at the White House, and on Oct. 25 the President had issued a statement asking the people to vote for Democratic Congressional candidates "if you have approved of my leadership and wish me to continue to be your unembarrassed spokesman in affairs at home and abroad."
  • A few extracts from Socialist newspapers will suffice to illustrate the complete change of front which happened in three days: "We Social Democrats in this solemn hour are at one with the whole German nation, without distinction of party or creed, in accepting the fight forced upon us by Russian barbarism, and we are ready to fight till the last drop of blood for Germany's national independence, fame and greatness."

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  • I never did see so many Democrats in my life.
  • And then you write a snobbish play For democrats, in which you play him.
  • The Democrats in the House became confident and aggressive.
  • Democrats, in Roman; Whigs, in _italics_; "Union"-men in SMALL-CAPITALS.
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