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  • For immortality is not demonstrable to the senses.
  • That also has been demonstrable on many occasions during recent years.

How To Use Demonstrable In A Sentence?

  • Another reason for misapprehension is the fact that mind healing is not demonstrable by argument.
  • In all cases, there were no demonstrable differences in the distance traveled between captures.
  • But if it be a demonstrable fact that strata containing more than 60 or 70 per cent.
  • When it was a matter of demonstrable truth, he refused to be intimidated by great names.
  • Their natural science had been impeached by the demonstrable superiority of Western science.
  • Such demonstrable results on earth greatly increase our confidence in similar measurements in the skies.
  • Of course the connection is demonstrable enough: one collocation of features is more readily suggestive of beauty than another.
  • It is demonstrable that the post-office, under its present regulations, receives but a small part of the papers which are printed.
  • This is demonstrable by rhythm, which is composed of elements short and long, and which, though differing, may be harmonized.
  • Fluid "investment" capital, easily mobilized and ready to pour into an enterprise of demonstrable utility and profit, simply did not exist.
  • It is demonstrable that inoculation of the experimental fluid with a drop of liquid known to contain living particles gives rise to the same phenomena as exposure to unpurified air.
  • If, by continuing the work, the life or health of the workers would be exposed to a demonstrable risk which was not apparent at the time of entering into the contract.
  • If, by the continuance of service relations, their life or health would be exposed to demonstrable danger, which was not apparent at the time of entering into service-relations.

Definition of Demonstrable

Able to be demonstrated. | Something that can be demonstrated.
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