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  • Such and such a thing is demonstrably good for so much.
  • He is the only poet in history who never demonstrably loved any woman.
  • His thesis, by becoming demonstrably true, had ceased to be morally exciting.

How To Use Demonstrably In A Sentence?

  • Leaving women to the chance protection of their partners is demonstrably a failure.
  • Battle Plans, for example, can demonstrably be formulated by the use of either procedure.
  • That which seeks something outside itself is demonstrably of the same nature as that which it seeks.
  • Here the principle is actively exemplified: speak out fearlessly at the right moment to strike down that which is demonstrably false.
  • But that warrant was sealed; a procedure that most law enforcement agencies will use only when lives are demonstrably in danger.
  • These principles take the place, in this philosophy of life, of certain typical human reactions that are believed to be demonstrably irrational.
  • But it should be remembered that we are not here dealing with traits as demonstrably present, but only as judged on the basis of facial characteristics and expression.
  • Mathematics are the foundation of all truth as regards practical science in this world; they are the only things that can be demonstrably proved; no one can dispute them.
  • And as long as this true being, or reality is not known, the knowledge which we seem to have cannot be held as ultimately true, but is demonstrably a makeshift.
  • For most demonstrably he has taken nothing yet which comes near in value to that basin of soup which many of ourselves take at the Roman hour of bathing.
  • For, at no point is knowledge found to be in touch with real being; it is everywhere demonstrably conditioned and relative, and inadequate to express the true reality of its objects.

Definition of Demonstrably

In such a manner as to be capable of being demonstrated, shown or proved.
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