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  • I have persuaded her to demonstrate them for our benefit.
  • But I wish to demonstrate the fact to the world.
  • She rose at last to demonstrate that she was entirely herself again.
  • It is far easier to demonstrate that the pocket was not picked at all.
  • To demonstrate this identity is the office and object of his philosophy.
  • The following experiment will demonstrate that the blood flows from the heart.
  • Villars, meanwhile, could do no more than demonstrate without effect.
  • Country districts demonstrate the fact of Java being a creedless land.
  • He alone can do so: his mouth alone, his lips, will demonstrate my innocence.

How To Use Demonstrate In A Sentence?

  • Thus "one satiric touch" seems to demonstrate that the native ethics are not of missionary origin.
  • He affirms the impossibility of Creation, and attempts to demonstrate his position.
  • Some of them dramatized themselves as heroes and hoped for an opportunity to demonstrate their courage.
  • It needs no argument to demonstrate the value of any movement that has for its purpose the bridging of the gulf.
  • And then he proceeded with circumspection and dignity to demonstrate the process of decocting that mysterious beverage.
  • But experiment can demonstrate that even this most hidden personality has still its secrets which are handed downwards.
  • To demonstrate the truth of His Revelation He hath not been, nor is He, dependent upon any one.
  • He was accustomed to demonstrate his bravery by shooting inoffensive people whenever the idea seized him.
  • To demonstrate that this is practicable is the immediate opportunity before us, our present obligation.
  • Now he wanted to establish his ability, to demonstrate the acuteness of hearing for which he was famous.
  • These military requirements demonstrate the mere relativity and therefore non-virtuousness of the special virtues.
  • Repeated examinations of blood from patients in every stage of the disease failed to demonstrate the presence of microorganisms of any kind.
  • The following experiments will demonstrate that the blood from every part of the system flows to the heart by the agency of the veins.
  • They deserve a place in this volume because they demonstrate why and against what France is fighting.
  • It is impossible now for me to demonstrate retrospectively that we should have been able to conclude an alliance with England.
  • Mortuary tables may demonstrate that half the children born in this country fail to reach the age of twenty years.
  • Having secured this opportunity to demonstrate his ability and willingness to work, recognition would come in due time.
  • Hammer, whose arguments we shall presently consider, undertakes to demonstrate that these epistles are forgeries.
  • We shall endeavour to demonstrate this by glancing rapidly at each of the more celebrated Theban buildings in turn.
  • This is one of the fables which demonstrate the extreme difficulty of speaking the truth, even about important and world-famous matters.
  • He was able to demonstrate the existence of the germ of consumption, and to describe its methods of life, as well as the character of his ravages.
  • Some try to demonstrate that nothing is gained economically by war; that all the work of war is destructive, to every one engaged in it.
  • Sir Robert now said that he wished to present the King with some presents, to demonstrate our friendship.
  • Modern psychology has been able to demonstrate more and more that the same elements which constitute our perceptions are also the elements of the other contents of consciousness.
  • Among the first to demonstrate the feasibility of electric lighting was the philosopher Gramme, of Paris.
  • The Atheist does not labor to demonstrate that there is no God; but he labors to demonstrate that there is no adequate proof of there being one.
  • These and other examples demonstrate that the belief in the personal and human character and attributes of animals still prevails in South Africa.
  • I could then explain myself more fully, and, I think, demonstrate the advantages of pushing out a body of light troops in this quarter.
  • If it has failed to demonstrate its system of special correspondences, it has proved that there are fixed relations between organization and mind and character.
  • I add this case to demonstrate that hypnosis is not the only open way of treatment in such cases and that the variations must always be adjusted to the special conditions.
  • Man! demonstrate corollary 3, in this note, by the lying dogma of Newton, or turn your thoughts to something you understand.

Definition of Demonstrate

(transitive) to show how to use (something). | to show the steps taken to create a logical argument or equation. | (intransitive) to participate in or organize a demonstration.

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