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  • What importance have the angry demonstrations of infants?
  • Clarence was received with loud demonstrations of pleasure.
  • Peace demonstrations occurred in Sofia.
  • In one of his demonstrations he sent messages to Italy.
  • In fact, some of these demonstrations were tinged with revolutionary red.

How To Use Demonstrations In A Sentence?

  • Philosophy volunteered its demonstrations of the absolute impossibility of such a thing.
  • The club below were scarcely less violent in their demonstrations of furious joy.
  • Her letters are full of expressions of satisfaction at these demonstrations of public feeling.
  • In any case it proved no hindrance to the very affectionate demonstrations which now took place.
  • May the 9th, attended by demonstrations of the kindest and most flattering regard.
  • They have been the sequence of cold, resistless demonstrations of experiment and fact.
  • If street demonstrations were confined to religious meetings, all might be well.
  • As to the demonstrations with the instrument, many amusing incidents have taken place.
  • In one lane was a throng of natives, wilder in their demonstrations of joy than all the others.
  • Only a certain curious calm lay on her, killing all outward demonstrations of grief.
  • Rapturous parental demonstrations greeted each effort; piano, violin and harp filled in nobly.
  • The chief of police had forbidden all processions or demonstrations to take place after the day before.
  • Talks or demonstrations are given each week, and an exhibit in the window during the week corresponds with the subject.
  • He was received with the greatest demonstrations of joy by the people, who gladly ministered to all his wants.
  • Faimungo and his men received me with demonstrations of joy, perhaps feeling a little ashamed of their own cowardice.
  • Most ominous of all is the tolerance, and sometimes the encouragement, extended to such demonstrations by schoolmasters and professors.
  • The king and the queen received their daughter-in-law with open arms, and with demonstrations of great festivity.
  • In what other language could a young woman check while she soothed her espoused lover, in his too eager demonstrations of his passion?
  • This expansiveness, this frank parading of unseemly things, is supplemented by other public demonstrations of the passion of the hour.
  • But, perhaps, he argued, the officials in their demonstrations of welcome had forgotten to switch the lights off.
  • Probably no greater demonstrations were ever held in California cities than when the first incoming express arrived.
  • When he returns from the war path, bearing scalps, he is received by all his band with demonstrations of the greatest pride and honor.
  • An election in most places is an occasion for breaking heads, abusing opponents, and other similar demonstrations of ardent local philanthropy.
  • Patriotic" demonstrations were held before Austrian consulates, in restaurants and coffee-houses.
  • During the evening, so threatening became the demonstrations of the people that every effort was made by the authorities to reinforce the Police.
  • His whole experience, of course, is one of the most beautiful demonstrations we have of the exquisite economy of Nature.
  • It could be seen that he was holding himself in readiness to flatten out on his stomach in case of hostile demonstrations on the part of the wildcat.
  • For one of the New York demonstrations the services of a negro singer with a rich barytone voice had been secured.
  • In the demonstrations that followed good was shown to be a means to happiness; consequently, every one, loving happiness, loves good also.
  • Let no one think the angry demonstrations of little children are negligible or that they have nothing to do with the religious character of the child or the adult.
  • It is highly probable that help must first be given to immigrant women in their homes before they can be persuaded to attend any classes or demonstrations outside of their homes.
  • His presence excited no rude curiosity or boisterous enthusiasm, but was none the less honored by more subdued and decorous demonstrations of respect.
  • The gallant old soldier was in something of a passion because the theories of his superiors did not coincide with his demonstrations, and of course the demonstrations had to give way in that case.
  • Those children only attempt to carry their points by noisy and violent demonstrations who find, by experience, that such measures are usually successful.
  • In this way a fearful burden is lifted from the credulity of man, and he is left free to believe the evidences of his own senses, and the demonstrations of science.

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plural of demonstration
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