Demonstrator In A Sentence

Definition of Demonstrator

One who demonstrates anything, or proves beyond doubt. | The forefinger. | One who takes part in a demonstration; a protester.

How To Use Demonstrator In A Sentence?

  • The demonstrator had alighted from the car, and was looking it over, testing the tires with his hand.
  • Boswellister stopped for a moment to watch a demonstrator work before a huge, block-long, glittering drugstore.
  • The two young men with the same identical oddity of gait were salesmen of artificial legs, each one a wearer and demonstrator of his wares.
  • The young woman was employed as a demonstrator for a new brand of mustard when George came into her life.
  • He afterwards qualified as apothecary and became demonstrator of plants to the Society of Apothecaries.
  • A flush of pleasure came to her face; for, though she had several times performed this feat of late, the demonstrator had always sat beside her.
  • Man opposite me Demonstrator at the Museum, who considers that the University and the world in general was made for physiologists.
  • This was none other than the extraordinary Dr. Thomas Young, the demonstrator of the vibratory nature of light.
  • Sadie kept on grinnin' and plannin' out the program, while Leonidas passed out his high English as smooth as a demonstrator at a food show.
  • The labors superintended by the demonstrator and his assistants are in their nature repulsive, and not free from risk of diseases, though in both these respects modern chemistry has introduced great ameliorations.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Demonstrator | Demonstrator Sentence

  • The other weakly quoted what the Head Demonstrator had said of his surgery.

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