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  • Why not another paper if Denis wants it?
  • From the front seat Denis directed the driver.
  • St. Denis has the seignory six leagues to the east.
  • A peremptory knock at the door, and Denis himself entered.
  • Of all this Denis Quirk was ignorant.
  • The man is Denis Banfi.
  • I will see Denis Quirk at once.
  • Thus did Denis Quirk find them when he entered.
  • He would ruin Denis Banfi through you.
  • For such men as he Denis Quirk had no mercy.
  • This day was spent by Denis Quirk in fighting.
  • At this time Denis Quirk stood practically alone.
  • What an ugly man Mr. Denis Quirk is!
  • When Denis is once ordained and settled down here we shall breathe again.
  • But she had other things to do besides thinking of Denis Quirk.
  • It was thus that Denis Quirk found her on his return from the town.
  • To-night, finding his remarks unanswered, Denis turned to his mother.
  • He could not understand Denis Quirk's attitude.
  • After a few minutes Denis Quirk swung round on the office stool to face him.
  • Of all the guests, Denis Banfi was the only one who saw them quit the room.
  • Cairns handed a proof to Denis Quirk, and the latter ran his eye over it.
  • Time will put everything straight," said Denis Quirk.
  • That very morning Denis Quirk summoned Desmond into his room.
  • Dame Vizaknai sprang towards Denis Banfi and seized his horse by the bridle.
  • Turning to climb upwards to the Presbytery, the girl met Denis Quirk.
  • You may suppose that this proposition made Master Denis Duval jump for joy.
  • Others had fought with Grey Town and failed; why not Denis Quirk?
  • Continue, Mr. Brown," said Denis Quirk.
  • Cairns and Denis Quirk were working post haste in "The Mercury" office.
  • The native members are Don Louis Poeder and Don Denis Nitsingeraye.

How To Use Denis In A Sentence?

  • I got that out of Denis himself, who is too deliciously innocent and simple for words.
  • Had Denis not been there, the public would have grumblingly accepted the purchase of the land.
  • For a woman to arrive at such intimate relations with Denis Quirk in a short time was a triumph.
  • Not that she cared for Denis Quirk, but she had a strong sense of justice and of probability.
  • All resentment against Denis Quirk was long forgotten, for his anger was short-lived.
  • In this manner was Gerard introduced to the policy of Denis Quirk and his paper.
  • Ebenezer Brown winced at this, but his hatred of Denis Quirk was an absorbing passion now.
  • Hoc mihi, ter denis sat enim maturuit annis, Tandem, ecce, e dolio praebibit hasta suo.
  • Later in the morning Menard and Mademoiselle St. Denis were sitting at the door of their hut.
  • He fixed his eyes on Denis Banfi as if he knew beforehand that he would be the first to reply to him.

Definition of Denis

plural of deni

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