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How To Use Denise In A Sentence?

  • The going of little Denise seemed to have torn away a living and quivering part of his spirit.
  • He took Denise by the hand and drew her toward him to kiss her forehead; but the action had another motive.
  • And he was sure that the woman whose coming little Denise had seemed to foreknow, would understand.
  • In the midst of this dreadful picture of dumb despair and desolation, Denise and her mother alone showed symptoms of revolt.
  • He had loved Denise, but there had been in his affection for her more of compassion than passion, as Denise herself had known.
  • The mother dropped her pan upon the fire; Denise gave a cry of joy; all the others stood by in petrified astonishment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Denise | Denise Sentence

  • The father and mother, Denise and her sisters, were too unhappy to eat.
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