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  • This section was denominated Golden Castile.
  • A Profession, which in that City is denominated a Writer.
  • These were all denominated porridge, and were eaten from these vessels.
  • Besides, most of those present were what was denominated as "progressive" ...
  • For the Bishop has what may be denominated a single-tract mind.
  • The calf denominated Apis, has certain marks by which it may be known.
  • Other pre-historic implements, as celts, have been denominated Fairy remains.
  • This organization shall be styled and denominated the TITLES.
  • This organization shall be styled and denominated the TITLES.
  • Most of the captives were of the appearances denominated "scraggy" or "knotty.
  • Of Clerks of the Closet, Since Denominated Secretaries of State and Ministers.

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  • They belong tew the feathered sekt denominated poultry, and are the husbands of menny wives.
  • What was then denominated the Attic style, forms the prevailing characteristic of modern oratory.
  • In severe winters, flocks of solan geese, locally denominated "barnacles," frequent the shores.
  • The latter, as explained later (page 37), is properly denominated the "physical objective".
  • The name of a district is usually that of its chief tribe, and mountains are denominated after the tribes that inhabit them.
  • Though constituting what is denominated light literature, much careful research was required in the composition of the tales.
  • On the other hand, they were in harmony with what may be denominated the protestant tendencies of our Communion.
  • They, failing to separate between mind and matter, were led into endless theories about what they denominated the animal and intellectual soul.
  • He was scorned by them, if for no other crime, for the cheap offence, in a bigoted age, denominated blasphemy.
  • These take the form of military operations, each denominated a course of action (discussed in detail hereinafter).
  • The fact that other kinds of treatment denominated "regular" also fail, seems never to be thought of.
  • We conceive that Mr. SMITH has erroneously denominated the sugar of lead, a binacetate.
  • Came to the conclusion that as a general rule none but the class denominated "fast" come to Europe and like it.
  • We also find the courts denominated simply from the trees by which they were held, such as the tribunal at the elder, that at the broad oak, &c.
  • She had had a passage of arms, which she denominated "a stand further," with the Captain; but it appeared that her own stand had been feeble.
  • Every denominated part proves streight A portion infinite, which if it be, One infinite will into myriads multiply.
  • They are denominated the Stations of the Cross, because the worshippers, going round, stop to look and meditate on the different scenes.
  • Voltaire is generally conceived to have invented and introduced a new method of composing history; the chief historians that have followed him have been by way of eminence denominated philosophical.
  • But inasmuch as the monastery was a corporate body, they appointed one of their number, whom they denominated their vicar, to discharge those offices for them.
  • But as he acts in his holy influences and spiritual operations, he acts in a way of peculiar communication of himself; so that the subject is thence denominated spiritual.
  • These may or may not fulfil enough of the requirements of that art to be properly denominated poetry; but like poetry they are the translation of ideas into a specific language.
  • But the strongest of all was the division on the western part, which was denominated the citadel, and had gates and bars of its own, and towers that rose far above the rest.
  • Of these studies and this conversation, the desired and legitimate offspring is a power of distinguishing right from wrong, which power applied to works of art is denominated taste.
  • There is always a man who is denominated the head-chief, but his influence is seldom much greater than that of any one of the many subordinate chiefs who are the recognized heads of small groups only.
  • Whereupon out of sheer spleen they denominated it Hellegat (literally Hell Gut) and solemnly gave it over to the devil.
  • Paganism was the great opposer of Christianity; hence was a Satan to it, while the apostle Paul denominated its religious rites as devil-worship.
  • During the last century it was found that if a photographic plate be placed below the violet end of the spectrum, it is affected by invisible light rays, which are popularly denominated chemical rays.
  • The bonds were to be denominated "State Railroad Bonds," for the payment of which the faith and credit of the state was to be pledged.

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simple past tense and past participle of denominate
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