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How To Use Denominator In A Sentence?

  • This number is recorded as the denominator of a vulgar fraction of which the numerator is the number recorded for the specific serum.
  • Reduce the fractions to like denominators, add their numerators and write the denominator under the result.
  • But the conception of energy is more adaptable, and hence better qualified to serve as a common denominator for various aspects of experience.
  • Every convergent is a nearer approximation to the value of the whole fraction than any fraction whose denominator is less than that of the convergent.
  • It is an artificial common denominator for the regulation of wages and prices which perhaps may be attained under the capitalist system, but which ultimately points to a socialistic commonwealth.

Definition of Denominator

(arithmetic) The number or expression written below the line in a fraction (such as 2 in ½). | One who gives a name to something.
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