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  • Numeral adverbs denoting repetition of action, 23 words.
  • A Spanish exclamation denoting surprise or displeasure.
  • There was always something in his appearance denoting the sailor.
  • At one of these was a sign denoting it to be the residence of a tailor.
  • Un = a particle denoting that something is to be found at a place.
  • She looked intently at him, her expression clearly denoting surprise.
  • Curtail, and leave an exclamation denoting surprise, joy, or grief.
  • Memory for words denoting objects good; right and left confounded (178).
  • Bailey derives the word in this sense, and as denoting the insect, from Sax.
  • The very word "kingdom," as denoting a visible Messianic reign, is dropped.

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  • Sometimes the stamp denoting the place at which a letter is mailed, is not sufficiently plain.
  • On a few low headstones a peculiar comb is carved, denoting that the grave is that of a woman.
  • Later Judaism was in the habit of denoting a book or section of a book by its opening words.
  • This was my supposition of Adam and Eve as possibly denoting spirit and matter.
  • There is a sly twinkle in his eye, denoting some story of a scandalous but infinitely humorous nature.
  • He will not pay an additional pound of rent because the landlord can appeal to large figures denoting the capital he has laid out on his fields.
  • I could see nothing but a curtain with inscriptions, and a large pearl rosary denoting the exact position of the tomb.
  • Magennis was asleep, his head resting upon the table, and his heavy breathing denoting how deeply he slumbered.
  • An expression consisting usually of but a few words, denoting a single idea, or forming a separate part of a sentence.
  • This usually has a word or two denoting her profession in the lower left-hand corner, and her business address in the lower right.
  • Almost without exception, they were men and women of evident wealth and leisure, but with scarcely a face denoting culture and refinement.
  • He was tall, erect, with a frame denoting great physical strength, and he had distinctively a military bearing.
  • I started with the billiard-room, a good-sized room and well fitted; but obscured by the covers denoting non-usage.
  • Those chapiters were ornamented with net-work, lily-work and pomegranate, denoting union, peace and plenty.
  • Swill, the remnant of their last meal, remains in the trough, denoting that their food is more abundant than even a hog can demand.
  • Mrs. Reed received them with shocked expression, and a gesture of the hands denoting hopelessness for the salvation of the world.
  • Totem, is a term denoting the device, or pictorial sign, which is used by each individual, to determine his family identity.
  • The maidens tie their hair in a low long knot at the back of the head, to which is fastened a decorated deerskin ornament, denoting maidenhood.
  • Wherever this blaze is found everybody in the region knows it for a ranger's blaze, denoting a trail leading to a ranger's cabin.
  • He is also twice colored black, probably to symbolize the dark rain cloud, and twice blue, denoting water.
  • We took a facsimile of one inscription, in Saxon letters, merely denoting the name of the monastery.
  • The Christians maintained silence, denoting thereby their dissatisfaction at the justice of the Pasha.
  • When they returned to the spot where they had left Phil, the sun was almost in the center of the sky, denoting it was near noon.
  • The face of Scorpione, pale, and denoting both ill-temper and sickness, was pressed against the closed window.
  • Far, far ahead there were faint lights, denoting the situation of Milton; but behind them all the lights on the hill had been quenched.
  • And all that "Province of Maluco" bears inscriptions denoting the particular product for which each island is celebrated.
  • Liberty, having in her right hand a hat, wherein the word Liberty, denoting the freedom or liberty given those who engaged three years in the work.
  • Just that accentuation which unwittingly creeps into the human touch, denoting that the construction of the form has been perceived and appreciated with delight, is lacking.
  • It was dry and wiry, yet small and strong; I found the pulse quick, feverish, and denoting great irritability.
  • The cuneiform system of writing was syllabic, each character denoting a syllable, so that we know what were the vowels in a proper name as well as the consonants.

Definition of Denoting

present participle of denote
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