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  • The dentist was silent.
  • The dentist was there with two assistants.
  • You went to a dentist and pointed out the tooth to him.
  • I went to a dentist on the first day.
  • She was very agreeable indeed to the dentist and his wife.
  • Why should the dentist examine your teeth every year?
  • And not a dentist for miles and miles, I suppose!
  • I think I prefer to 'take the chair', as the dentist says.
  • The want of a Dentist 67 XI.
  • Don't let me forget about it or the dentist either.
  • The dentist drew two of my sister's teeth.
  • She was defying her dentist on a piece of fudge two days old.
  • The Dentist and Policeman, walking arm in arm, brought up the rear.
  • For Yvonne a visit to the dentist was urgent; Pierrot wanted a Latin grammar.
  • A unique character in Paris was Dr. Evans, dentist to the Emperor and Empress.

How To Use Dentist In A Sentence?

  • This was even more fascinating than the drill that the family dentist worked with his foot.
  • I was being sat on by the dentist and his assistant, and the latter had a black eye.
  • The dentist should be asked to help straighten the teeth as soon as they appear crooked.
  • One pilot described it well by saying that it is like going to the dentist every day.
  • It is used for grindstones of all sizes, including those the dentist uses on your teeth.
  • The dentist placed him in a chair, and in a few moments he had pulled out his two front teeth.
  • I took my hat and left, and the dentist laughed heartily every time he met me afterwards.
  • There lives no more of Western call for a dentist than for one who paints flowers upon silks.
  • A Bellingham dentist put whole nuts into his false-teeth baking oven in the evening.
  • Even the dentist was old and tottering, so shaky that I was afraid he would fall into my mouth.
  • Mr. Holiday had been a dentist in his native Georgia, and his intimates called him Doc.
  • The combination of Cousin Park and the dentist is a strong one, I can tell you.
  • It is not the function of the biographer any more than it is that of a dentist to prettify his subject.
  • Is a musician less keen of perception and adjustment to circumstances than the dentist and photographer?
  • It was the same sort of reluctance that you feel when you start out to visit the dentist for a roaring tooth.
  • Something about her reminded him of the way she looked the day she took him to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.
  • For instance, if you have any bad teeth you should at once go to a good dentist and have them attended to.
  • The dentist can stop the decay in a tooth by cleaning out the little hole and filling it with gold or some other material.
  • He asked a young dentist and wife down to his apartments behind the bank and feted them on the best in town.
  • To advertise dentists they have large cases of false teeth, and they write the name of the dentist with the teeth.
  • A fashionable woman called upon a dentist to have some teeth filled, taking with her a little niece.
  • The dentist murmured something about moss-grown jokes, and the hostess asked why husbands and lovers were excluded.
  • It is wise to have the dentist examine the teeth once or twice every year and remove a limy substance called tartar collecting at their base.
  • The assistants had gone, and the dentist was mixing up cement and humming airs from light opera just like old times.
  • If the teeth are decayed, consult a good dentist in the early stages of pregnancy, and have the offending teeth properly dressed.

Definition of Dentist

A medical doctor who specializes in dentistry.
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