Denuding In A Sentence

Definition of Denuding

present participle of denude

How To Use Denuding In A Sentence?

  • Tidal and other currents may also have some denuding effect upon the sea-bottom, but this can only be in comparatively shallow water.
  • Sim held out his basin for the "tate" his wife was denuding of its jacket, and she dropped it into the broth.
  • Carlt's action in denuding the shaggy pelt of his hands meets with my highest commendation, but you'd better look out.
  • Alas that the action of marine and subaerial denuding agents has deprived us of an opportunity for closer examination of the habits and idiosyncrasies of this interesting fossil.
  • It is true that now and again streams are found flowing in the direction of a fault, but that is simply because the dislocation is a line of weakness, along which it is easier for the denuding forces to act.
  • I confidently expected an attack along the river bank that night, and slightly strengthened my flanks, even at the risk of dangerously denuding the north bank.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Denuding | Denuding Sentence

  • He reached for the heron and went on denuding it of feathers.
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Denuding in a sentence

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