Depart In A Sentence

Definition of Depart

(intransitive) To leave. | (intransitive) To set out on a journey. | (intransitive) To die.

How To Use Depart In A Sentence?

  • It is not my practice to let those who have come to me as guests depart hungry and thirsty.
  • My advice to you is to wind a smile round your neck and depart with the dollars.
  • Nor need we really depart from our time-honoured principle of neutrality in religious matters.
  • In the morning they did not depart until after the arrival of the train from Syracuse.
  • Impatiently she waved her hand, and as impatiently did Mezrimbi depart from her presence.
  • He had been one to depart and return with Dunois, and we looked eagerly to him for explanation.
  • If others had chosen to depart as do those who run away, they had shown ignorance of this Kibei.
  • After a time I rose to depart and asked the man who acted as cook how much there was to pay.
  • Mark had been handed his dispatches, and was about to depart when General Frost was announced.
  • Then, father, get you hence, depart in time, Least being knowne you suffer for the crime.
  • It made you depart from your dignity to the point of weeping on any shoulder that happened to be there.
  • But the ideas which had been implanted there would not consent to depart with this change in the name and the methods of the institution.
  • Too often men who follow this rule in their regular occupation depart from it in the use of their saved surplus funds.
  • At last he summons all his remaining energy and in a tone of command he orders the ghost to depart and never to reappear.
  • It was a general break-up of the encampment, and all were preparing to depart to their homes, inland.
  • He would cheerfully have watched the whole world depart from him, if he had had the consciousness of righting in a good cause.
  • So it went on until in the fullness of time there appeared a horse, or more strictly a mare, which did not depart as swiftly as it came.
  • And either in the end she would speak to him and take him back into her life, or he would depart in silence to hide from her laughing eyes.
  • An uneasy feeling came into Mary's mind and would not depart as she went about her work.
  • His request to be allowed to depart was most unwillingly granted by the Queen, who at the leave-taking loaded him with gifts.
  • President Wilson has not hesitated to depart from many of the fundamental ideas which have hitherto guided so-called practical statesmen.
  • When she heard that I was about to depart for my own country, loaded with presents, her rage was without bounds.
  • Agents of the government were ready to depart for London and Paris to take up the matter with the great banking houses.
  • She gave me four, and as I turned to depart called me back, and with a good-natured smile handed me four more as a present.
  • But these narrow circles are often much more intolerant of every effort on the part of the master to depart from the program he has sworn to, than are outsiders.
  • It is wonderful to observe the style of criticism usually adopted by the faithful, as one illustrious rebel after another is seen to depart from their ranks.
  • Castlereagh was preparing to depart for the congress, when his mind gave way under the stress of work and more remotely of dissipation, and he committed suicide.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Depart | Depart Sentence

  • Wherefore she should depart from you?
  • As she would depart he held her sleeve to stop her.
  • The habit of blaming must depart absolutely.
  • You may live, and depart unharmed from hence.
  • I'll depart from hence.
  • Does it leave them free to depart from the influence of motives?
  • It is to maintain our own principle, not to depart from it.
  • They shall depart from my house, and strangers agreeably can flatter.
  • Then did the King depart and with him all the men that were of his company.
  • There was poor Jonah preparing to depart on his glorious expedition.
  • It was clear that she must depart as soon as possible from New York.
  • That I should be there in time, I was permitted to depart that evening.
  • Oh, with pure heart, pure hand, Let me depart to purify our house.

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