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  • The horses of the department are in repute.
  • The whole operating department of the road was stirred.
  • But this war touched every department of human affairs.
  • Public Instruction, Department of, 209.
  • Another of the same department is in some ways an accomplished fellow.
  • Excellent work has been done in that department during the past year.
  • A Guide to Every Department of Practical Life.
  • Dues in the educational department alone are ten cents a month.
  • The department has anthracite mines and produces freestone, lime and cement.
  • This department of his activity is already recognised in Homer.
  • Thus psychology, it may be said, tends to become a department of physiology.
  • Prof. Spence laid the foundations of the Greek department in this university.
  • The Western Department was at this time under the command of General Fremont.
  • Head of Department of Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University.
  • Brigadier General Sumner, Commanding Department of the Pacific.
  • There is a special Air Department at the Admiralty with Captain M. F.

How To Use Department In A Sentence?

  • Thus, the American navy department had little fear that the troops would be landed safely.
  • There is an air of unusual excitement about the War Department this bright October day.
  • Men of the commissary department were carrying boxes and bales from the fort to a cleared space on the beach.
  • In the postmen's department there are now seven inspectors and three hundred and seventy postmen.
  • The engineering department and the operating department united in a tremendous effort to bring about a resumption of traffic.
  • Virchow has no suspicion even of all these immeasurable strides in morphology, for this department always lay out of his ken.
  • The building on fire was pretty well consumed, but the fire department had saved adjoining structures.
  • There is no department of literature, of science, or of useful art, in which they have not produced a first-rate book.
  • For these things depend on the brain; cheerfulness, kindliness, and honest thinking are all within the department of the brain.
  • The department felt, however, that the facilities could be greatly extended, even among the foreign born.
  • Some personage from the Foreign department at Headquarters was closeted for about a couple of hours.
  • This we did; and I am bound to say, met with very great civility from the superintendent of the department in question.
  • There is no proof that Athene was ever a nature-goddess at all, and if she was, there is nothing to show what was her department of nature.
  • It was unfortunate that with this question rapidly approaching a crisis the State Department was in feeble hands.
  • This course is intended for Freshmen, who in the opinion of the Department are not qualified for military drill.
  • Uniform and boots are provided by the Department for the postmen and telegraph messengers, at an annual cost of about L2,000.
  • The conception of variety or species has a different value in every small or large department of systematic Zoology and Botany.
  • She closed resolutely that department of her mind that had begun to occupy itself with conjectures concerning the past of the man to whom she had given her heart.
  • The Postoffice Department was opposed to this trail, and its attitude had been confirmed by the troubles of winter travel in the past.
  • Obviously the clothing department of the army had not been taken by "surprise" by the cruel war "forced" on pacific Germany.
  • In the department of economy, an act, a habit, an institution, a law, gives birth not only to an effect, but to a series of effects.
  • Now morphology is precisely that very department of inquiry in which our theory of descent has its deepest and strongest roots, and has matured the most glorious fruits of knowledge.
  • Was not the folding department just as much a sight of Paris as that wretched collection of lumber in the Hotel Cluny?
  • But on the continent of Europe, Syncretism has been much more fully developed, and fearlessly applied to every department of human thought.

Definition of Department

A part, portion, or subdivision. | A distinct course of life, action, study, or the like. | A subdivision of an organization.
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