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  • Instead it seemed as though with the departure of the ladies they felt free to go farther in.
  • But he owed his landlady money, and his departure would have to be clandestine.
  • It was a gloomy place to live alone in, as he had discovered since the departure of the family.
  • As the moment of departure approaches, the doors swing open and a spirited horse is led out.
  • The thoughtful Grimshaw had provided these at the last moment of the departure of the biplane.
  • I will now proceed to show that on my present departure no more is due than the amount of Fl.
  • After the departure of the troops the new administration received thanks; M. Necker was recalled.
  • Now, while I feel that my departure is near, every hour, every minute, grows precious to me.
  • Now after the departure of Harald in the manner aforesaid, Svein Ulfson went on sleeping.
  • On his departure the old woman cried again, until a paper-seller came and inquired what was the matter.
  • If he made it a point of departure for anything at all, it could only be for a step which his whole being rebelled against taking.
  • His departure caused equal grief and alarm to his friends, notwithstanding the calmness he exhibited.
  • Letters delivered later than half an hour previous to the departure of the respective mails to be accompanied with one penny.
  • The older mountain men met the innovation as they met any departure from their traditions, with curiosity and distrust.
  • It held a time-card on which a record of the arrival and departure at the various stations where it was opened, was kept.
  • If secrecy had been his object, it would have been far more easily secured by his departure at a less extraordinary time.
  • A bat was sounding the departure of the hours of darkness with a singular note resembling the gurgling of liquid from a narrow bottle-neck.
  • When the time for departure had come, the ladies affectionately embraced each other, and promised to correspond regularly.
  • Avonmouth at once became the port of departure and arrival of the steamers carrying the direct Canadian mails.
  • Generally when Bob took his departure after a particularly jolly time there was a good deal of depression about.
  • Thanks to the departure of this German, for some time to come there will be no one on this landing but the old woman.
  • On the night before her intended departure she took the key and put it into a pretty little box and sent it to the Man.
  • It was now hours since his departure from the Highlands, and he had had no food since the very poor supper he managed to eat the night before.
  • No sooner did Boyce suggest their departure that they began to run through the forest, following the markings he had made earlier.
  • She was not hard-hearted enough to wish that Valdana would hurry his departure from the world, she only wished not to think about it at all.
  • We may infer that the marriage and departure of the "sun of his Hemispheer" put him temporarily out of humour with painting.
  • The departure of the stage for Socorro occurred once a week or so, if all went well, and the event was always one of importance.
  • To Joan, in the dead blankness that followed the departure of her friend, the great war seemed strangely like a godsend.
  • Effie May concerned herself in the preparations for departure with a whole-hearted generosity which occasioned Joan some secret pangs of remorse.
  • It was about three weeks after Lumley's appearance at the station that Gray's time for departure came.
  • Very strangely, ever since our departure from Nideck we had met neither wood-cutters, nor charcoal-burners, nor timber-carriers.
  • I took up my manuscript; thrust it into my pocket, and walked out of the room: making some noise as I went, to let my departure be heard.
  • Such a treaty would, however, be a departure from our traditional policy of isolation, originally announced by Washington and Jefferson.
  • He had heard strange stories of the ferocity of the bear when her cubs were by her side, and to say that he was not horribly frightened would be a departure from the strict requirements of truth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Departure | Departure Sentence

  • This time their departure was uninterrupted.
  • Their departure was alike unnoticed.
  • The bald rudeness of his departure did not disturb her.
  • To whom, at my departure hence, I gave My son in charge.
  • For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.
  • From Martin's Lake House we were to take our departure in the morning.

Definition of Departure

The act of departing or something that has departed. | A deviation from a plan or procedure. | (euphemistic) A death.
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