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  • It all depends how you look at it.
  • It all depends on habit.
  • It all depends on how big the curve is.
  • It all depends upon the cause.
  • It depends upon what sport he is having.
  • On it finally depends mastery.
  • Everything depends on the point of view you take.
  • Of course this depends on a lot of preconditions.
  • You know everything depends on your report.
  • Harmony of colour depends upon great exactness of tint.
  • That depends upon circumstances not entirely under my control.
  • Its use as an antiseptic depends upon its oxidizing properties.
  • Pitch depends upon the frequency at which the sound waves strike the ear.
  • The luminosity also depends upon the temperature attained in the combustion.
  • Guy Johnson assures himself, and depends upon your coming to his assistance...
  • Everything depends on the movement to capture Independence and Lexington.
  • That depends on Germany, and I have no control over Germany.

How To Use Depends In A Sentence?

  • We have our way to make in the world, and we feel that it all depends on ourselves.
  • The supporting power of the wings depends partly on their size and partly on their rate of motion.
  • The success of many processes depends upon the value of the by-products formed.
  • The method of naming acids depends upon whether the acid consists of two elements or three.
  • This largely depends upon English prestige in the Orient, and to lose India is to lose the grip.
  • It is important to note that the strength of action depends upon the strength of the current up to a certain point only.
  • The best means of combating these attacks depends on a knowledge of the life-histories and habits of the pests.
  • The way in which the melted mixture is handled in the glass factory depends upon the character of the article to be made.
  • His success depends upon his ability to interpret rightly the facts and intangible signs with which he is brought in contact.
  • The magnetizing force of a given helix depends on the product of the current strength and the number of turns of wire in the helix.
  • On this original kindred depends all the process of education; the influence of which therefore is primarily negative or auxiliary.
  • We are making it every minute of the time; and it depends on us whether we put it through as a straight job or a failure.
  • Very often, as in the case of computer software, this also depends on open standards so that the code is accessible to all.
  • To return to style, and its appropriateness: all depends on the work in hand, and the audience addressed.
  • Or nobler, he feels that he represents a nation or a grand cause, and that upon his arm depends victory.
  • Wood has a "grain," and the strength of any particular piece largely depends upon the direction of its grain.
  • The prosperity of Ireland depends on its harvest, and starvation is the opportunity of the lying agitator.
  • The conductivity of a wire depends upon its material, its cross-section, its length, and its temperature.
  • Light is essential to our well-being; our health of body depends in a large measure upon the amount of light which falls upon the skin.
  • The temperature reached in a given chemical action, such as oxidation, depends upon the rate at which the reaction takes place.
  • He there says, that the virtuousness of every virtuous act or choice depends upon its own nature, and not upon its origin or cause.
  • Besides this the make-and-break contacts on which the, ordinary battery bell depends for its operation are an objectionable feature from the standpoint of maintenance.
  • The true difference of these forms from genuine monarchy depends on the true value of those principles of right which are in vogue and have their actuality and guarantee in the state-power.

Definition of Depends

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of depend

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