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  • I depict no imaginary characters to you.
  • It is useless even to try to depict that.
  • The lower panels often depict saints and martyrs.
  • In what follows I shall for the most part depict types.
  • I could never depict the blackness of my soul upon this journey.
  • It is not the province of art to solve problems, but to depict them.
  • Were an artist truthfully to depict it, he would be called color-mad.
  • No pen can depict that place, nor any tongue describe its loathsome smell.

How To Use Depict In A Sentence?

  • Poet and novelist love to depict the princess as won by the outlaw, the gypsy, the peasant.
  • For my attempt to depict the social habits of the period I had but to draw on my memory.
  • You lift me into immortality, Depict new heavens, or draw the scenes of hell.
  • They embody the hopes of the Renaissance and depict a College of the Humanities.
  • Other music was required to depict the emotions than that of the contrapuntist, with its puzzling intricacies.
  • They're not the hair-brained idiots that some war-correspondents depict from day to day.
  • How shall we depict the fate of thousands of soldiers ordered back home on the eve of the invasion?
  • The novelist wishing to depict his hero doing the right thing in the right way by his heroine did not have the variety of choice he has now.
  • You must depict your figures with gestures which will show what the figure has in his mind, otherwise your art will not be praiseworthy.
  • It is difficult to depict and impossible to exaggerate the sufferings which this part of Virginia has undergone.
  • It is not the story of the life of this notable traitor that we propose to tell, but simply to depict some picturesque scenes in his career.
  • No words could depict the awful desperation which lay upon this man's soul at that dark hour.
  • I will not attempt to depict the scene of horror and confusion which ensued; it may be imagined, but never described.
  • I doubt not that sometimes men have shut this book, thinking that the gigantic wrongs we depict may never be discomfited.
  • Impossible to depict the quality of Raymond's tone in speaking these five words.
  • In music his intention was never to reveal his own state of mind, but always to depict some object, some scene.
  • To-day he could go further, he could depict the deity being forced to go to the factory chimney for the scent of his burnt sacrifice.
  • And seest thou not that if the painter wishes to depict animals and devils in Hell with what richness of invention he proceeds?
  • I shall not attempt to depict the unhappy young man's sensations, which were as confused as those that overwhelm a madman's brain.
  • I wanted something that would depict my face as Heaven gave it to me, humble though the gift may have been.
  • But without jealousy or complaint, I do feel that somehow these impressions are inadequate and fail to depict us as we really are.
  • He composed for the clavier little picture tunes, designed to depict sentiments, moods, phases of character and scenes from life.
  • If to him Egeria came, would it not, a poet somewhere asked, be uncivil to depict her as less than he?
  • These are danced in pantomime and depict the life of arctic animals, the walrus, raven, bear, ptarmigan, and others.
  • An actual description of the life of a patient will be more effective because it will depict the incidental domestic atmosphere in which most of these patients live.
  • Like the first volume of the series, her attempt to depict the life of Puritan children for young people is closely based on historical facts.
  • The first series of tales which I shall relate depict Satan as taking a part in the pastimes of the people.
  • To depict them has not only a purely historic interest, but a cautionary and practical as well. II.
  • Those who called her a witch hot from hell were much more sensible than those who depict her as a silly sentimental maiden prompted by her parish priest.
  • They sought to captivate the eye by an abundance of detail, and to depict woods and meadows with a smoothness which was more artificial than natural.
  • Its aim is to ascertain the constitutive laws of the origin and spread of religions, and to depict the influence they have exerted on the general life of mankind.
  • They represent the life and adventures of Saint Benedict, are of colossal size, and depict the saint in various striking positions.

Definition of Depict

(obsolete) Depicted. | To render a representation of something, using words, sounds, images, or other means. [from early 15th c.]

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