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  • The negro cavalry and the Rough Riders were deploying to the right.

How To Use Deploying In A Sentence?

  • There is a charming young lady also staying in the house, and deploying her hobby of painting.
  • He cast a glance behind him and his heart stood still, for a troop of cavalry was deploying into the road.
  • Thus, in a few minutes, the place where the narrow valley debouched into the hill-surrounded plain, was darkened with the deploying rooks.
  • In the distance I watched our cavalry deploying in extended order and advance towards a wood to clear it of the enemy rearguards.
  • Quickly deploying his regiments, Hazen placed them in four lines, closed one upon another, and the men lay flat upon their faces.
  • At 9.35 the signal for our advance, the 156th Brigade deploying from Muannis, was observed, and we moved off in artillery formation.
  • The second battalion of the 128th, which faced the knoll, was also digging at the base of the slope, and another regiment in reserve was deploying on the plain.
  • The military band which led the column of infantry marched in, playing a quick operatic air, deploying to one side for the soldiery to pass towards the altar.

Definition of Deploying

present participle of deploy
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