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  • The government made no move to deport him.
  • They can, if they wish, rob you or deport you anywhere they like.
  • They are unable either to make use of it or to deport it to Germany.

How To Use Deport In A Sentence?

  • They were giving her a world of staid counsel how to deport herself, what to say, and in what manner to receive the expected lover.
  • He was warned, but would not listen to reason; he was then arrested, and informed of the decision to deport him from Persia.
  • It is possible to decapitate a king who sets himself above the law, or to deport or destroy a reactionary and tyrannous aristocracy, but against the crimes or follies of an unrestrained majority there is no appeal.
  • He was afterwards released on giving bonds to the amount of $2,000 to keep the peace, and to deport himself in every way becoming a loyal citizen.

Definition of Deport

(reflexive, now rare) To comport (oneself); to behave. | (transitive) To evict, especially from a country.
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