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How To Use Depreciate In A Sentence?

  • He imagined it to be the consequence of a plot of his enemies to depreciate him.
  • It is rude to sneer at and depreciate goods, and exceedingly discourteous to the salesman.
  • Nor does this arise from any wish to depreciate the results of English speculation in general.
  • You will perceive there is another case for Lord Biddulph seeking to depreciate my husband.
  • Meanwhile before you depreciate a brother soldier, why don't you do something yourself?
  • We do not intend to depreciate your efforts, but you have attempted to do an impossible thing.
  • That they were the work of some one endeavoring to depreciate the value of the property, she was certain.
  • If we can regard religions as stages in the evolution of religion, then we have no motive either to depreciate or unduly to extol any of them.
  • None but a sciolist will depreciate such a task; and none but a sceptic will doubt the value of the conclusions which may be thus reached.
  • Without desiring to depreciate the method and its value, it must nevertheless be admitted that it is preventive, not inventive.
  • I do not, for a moment, mean to depreciate the good effects that would flow from an increase of employment and better wages.
  • If it be worth more, and, for the sake of getting it for less than its value, you wilfully depreciate it, you have lied.
  • Thus, between those who appreciate and those who depreciate Christmas, it is difficult for an ordinary man to escape bruises.
  • I do not forget that poetry and romance in the vernacular were chiefly in the hands of the laity, nor do I depreciate their value as literature.
  • I do not propose, O valiant grave-diggers, to depreciate your merits; such is far from being my intention.
  • It is quite too late now to attempt to depreciate a system the value of which has been repeatedly and openly acknowledged by authorities above question.
  • It has been the fashion to depreciate Montesinos, but I find it impossible to discover the reasons by which this depreciation can be justified.
  • There have been times when civilized man had a comparatively far more abundant supply of gold than he has at present, but this circumstance did not avail to depreciate the metal.
  • Any proclivity to depreciate the dignity or to undermine the influence of these institutions must be carefully examined and, if necessary, sternly repressed.
  • The instincts of race have tended on both the English and the American sides to depreciate the value of the aid given by France to the colonists.
  • A personal expense is an expenditure of money for some article that may indeed be necessary, as a pair of shoes, but it begins to depreciate in value as soon as the expenditure has been made.
  • Some people are wont to depreciate these kind and tender qualities as trifles; but trifles, it must be remembered, make up the aggregate of human life.
  • Poor milk from a single farm may have such an effect upon the cheese made from the milk of twenty farms as to depreciate the selling value of the entire product several cents per pound.
  • Not unnaturally the commander does not depreciate his own achievements, and thus the amount of sunken tonnage reported in Berlin considerably exceeded the actual losses.
  • With an excess of slaves and a lack of fit land soon to come, if we are barred from the Territories our property must depreciate until it is utterly worthless.
  • He could not put the compositions of Collins among the mere curiosities of literature, but he permitted himself to depreciate habits of mental excursion which he had not himself cultivated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Depreciate | Depreciate Sentence

  • If it increases the amount of cash, it will depreciate it.
  • Roberts replied it was, wishing to depreciate its value.
  • They always depreciate Woman.
  • They will, however, probably depreciate ten per cent.
  • It is not my intention to depreciate the politer arts or abstruser studies.
  • This is not to depreciate our fathers' mental powers.
  • It tended to depreciate the Order and the state of chivalry.
  • Now I do not wish to depreciate any man for the sake of benefiting another.
  • Still I mustn't depreciate your prize since it was of your own choosing.
  • The next paragraph in Samuel also tended to depreciate David's prowess.

Definition of Depreciate

(transitive) To lessen in price or estimated value; to lower the worth of. | (intransitive) To decline in value over time. | (transitive) To belittle or disparage.
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