Depreciating In A Sentence

How To Use Depreciating In A Sentence?

  • They are continually apologizing to their friends and depreciating their occupation.
  • Without depreciating it we may say that it is rather a condition of imaginative poverty.
  • We do not wish to be understood as depreciating the usefulness of colleges; not at all.
  • She began to dislike this cynical old man with his depreciating tales of genius.
  • His only fault is loving you too well, in depreciating too much his own transcendent powers.
  • She made a quaint, depreciating gesture toward the appointments of her breakfast table.
  • The former almost infinitely depreciating our back country and the latter totally destroying us as a maritime power.
  • The unbiassed reader, without depreciating the poetical merit of the speeches, will be likely to differ with him.
  • I had a cruel pleasure in depreciating myself, and almost hated the face which looked into mine half angrily from the glass.
  • It is impossible to introduce an intermediate process without, in some manner at least, depreciating the quality of the work.
  • Eccellenza received me with the greatest kindness, but all the family continued to use the old teaching tone and depreciating mode of treatment.
  • Ted cast a depreciating eye towards the portrait, but, after a glance at it, suddenly regained his tongue and his spirits.
  • He was staying in Paris on Paine's political credit, while depreciating him.
  • But she kept to the subject of Mr. Dawes, humorously depreciating her lover and discussing him without reverence.
  • There are considerable mines of gold and silver in several parts of the empire, but the government does not permit them to be all worked, for fear of depreciating the value of these metals.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Depreciating | Depreciating Sentence

  • Rupert looked on these in the beginning with a depreciating eye.
  • Do not think that I am, for one moment, depreciating sentiment.
  • Grotius's enemies were very active in depreciating the merit of this work.

Definition of Depreciating

That is declining in value. | That degrades the value of something; deprecating. | present participle of depreciate
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