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  • The deputy chief was a prisoner.
  • Mazeroux asked the deputy chief.
  • The deputy chief did not reply.
  • Louise stood between the deputy and the car.
  • The deputy chief had him by the throat.
  • The deputy chief was growing more and more suspicious.
  • The deputy chief opened his eyes in amazement.
  • The deputy chief stopped, greatly surprised.
  • The Deputy thought for a few seconds.
  • The deputy of Olahfalva had now to take his turn.
  • You and I, Deputy Chief, would have been enough.
  • The deputy spurred the pony over him and swept down the meadow.
  • It was clear that the deputy chief did not believe one word of the story.
  • So I asked for the attendance of the deputy chief and two men.
  • Weber, the deputy chief detective, alone had gone, refusing to meet his enemy.
  • Gaston Sauverand walked off quietly between the deputy chief and Mazeroux.
  • For many years Mr. Knox had held the office of deputy comptroller.
  • Don Luis caught hold of the deputy chief: "Come along!
  • And there was a deputy sheriff inquiring for me," he added bitterly.
  • The deputy chief's face bore an expression of mingled joy and anxiety.
  • Changing his voice: "The birds have flown, Mr. Deputy Chief," he said.

How To Use Deputy In A Sentence?

  • When the first moment of stupefaction was over, the deputy chief took the letter.
  • Weber's appearance on the steps and the deputy chief's first words confirmed his hopes.
  • While his superior was speaking, the Deputy had a little smile on his grim face.
  • The deputy chief must inevitably have made a faithful report to the Prefect of Police.
  • Every supervisor and inspector and salaried technician was an armed United States deputy marshal.
  • The Deputy smiled, and showed he was well pleased; but he asked no more questions, save one only.
  • Dick Tenlow, deputy sheriff, nodded good-morning to her, but kept his gun trained on the tramp.
  • Not long afterwards an attempt was made with a bomb on the Deputy Commissioner of Umballa.
  • The detectives fell in behind the deputy chief and left the Place du Palais-Bourbon.
  • The Deputy and the Syndic retired to an adjoining room, and left Gilbert alone with his thoughts.
  • Now when he looked about him for this deputy he found just six and twenty persons ready to fall at his feet.
  • The deputy of a deputy would have no prestige with him, and would not even be admitted as guest at the villa.
  • It provided for a choice of a president by the representatives when in session, in case of the absence of the governor and deputy governor.
  • He did not care to see too much of it, and that he might be free to go where he would he appointed a deputy governor.
  • The veins swelled in the sheriff's heavy face and thick neck; he regarded his deputy darkly.
  • He rushed outside, dragging the deputy toward the two police motors waiting five hundred yards down.
  • And he also saw the deputy chief at one of the windows of his study, watching the courtyard and keeping in touch with his detectives.
  • He begged the Deputy to give him a few moments' private conversation in the next room.
  • It is not actually that every deputy magistrate should say: I won't serve in it.

Definition of Deputy

(informal, nonstandard) to deputise | One appointed as the substitute of another, and empowered to act for them, in their name or their behalf; a substitute in office | (mining, historical) A person employed to install and remove props, brattices, etc. and to clear gas, for the safety of the miners.
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