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How To Use Derisively In A Sentence?

  • At him the rest pointed fingers and called on him derisively to pay the wager and be glad.
  • Suddenly leaning forward to look up the road, he smiled derisively and shifted the gun.
  • But the Sport was off, waving her hand at them derisively as she swam rapidly towards shore.
  • A score of figures were dancing there, and shouting derisively at the out-distanced American tug.
  • They shot through Riverview traffic, shaving red lights and tooting derisively at slow drivers.
  • They would not be able to take a step in New York but some one would point derisively at her.
  • His army was filled with clergy, and the battle was derisively known as the Chapter of Myton.
  • He was called the Good Templar and was often derisively addressed as Worthy Chief.
  • But the enemies pointed to the bull derisively persisting in their protests, and the whole plaza joined in a deafening explosion of hisses.
  • And when Coldriver heard of the deals it chuckled derisively and regarded its hardware merchant with pitying scorn.
  • It was derisively suggested that long nails like Nebuchadnezzar's would next be in fashion.
  • He shook his head, smiling derisively at her, while her strong little fingers did their best to pluck open his hard little fist.
  • He took a place beside me, spread out his rations, drank to me derisively from his measure of prison beer, and began.
  • The other Dutch privateers found it too hot for their liking and scudded for the coast, firing their stern-guns derisively as they disappeared.
  • Alvarez laughed derisively and the others echoed the laugh of their master, but Paul held up his own sword, also, until it glittered in the light.
  • The young ladies smiled derisively at this rough imitation of their own dances, and felt sorry that such handsome young men should dance with such awkwardness.
  • A moment later he had dashed ahead at a tremendous pace, laughing derisively over his shoulder as if he had done a remarkably clever thing to gain the lead.
  • She touched them to the life in similes and phrases; and next she was aloft, derisively philosophizing, but with a comic afflatus that dispersed the sharpness of her irony in mocking laughter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Derisively | Derisively Sentence

  • He eyed him derisively for a moment.
  • Now she laughs derisively at us, and how she laughs!
  • Reaching the sidewalk, he waved derisively at the referee.
  • He said it derisively of the Romantic.
  • Fred out of countenance; or they might howl derisively at me.
  • He laughed derisively as he turned back his cowl and squared his shoulders.
  • When he had finished, the School cheered more derisively than before.
  • The Mexican laughed derisively as he jammed the papers back into his pocket.
  • They laughed derisively as the enraged Delaware faced them with flashing eyes.
  • Keller's gaze passed derisively over him and dismissed the man.

Definition of Derisively

In a derisive manner; demeaningly, mockingly.
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