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  • Much advantage would be derived from this.
  • Levant cotton is derived from this species.
  • The myth is derived from Pherecydes.
  • Berwickshire, names of places in, derived from swine, 241.
  • Egyptian cotton is usually regarded as being derived from the same species.
  • How may a pulsating current be derived from a magneto generator?
  • But might they not, in the first place, have been derived from me?
  • The profit derived from the 20% thus removed is a very large one.
  • Obeid-Allah derived his pedigree from Ismail, the seventh imam.
  • Artemis has been derived from "safe," "unharmed," "the stainless maiden ".
  • Such was Hermes in the Elean region, whence he derived his name, Cyllenian.
  • Our account has been derived from Mills's History of Chivalry.

How To Use Derived In A Sentence?

  • It is not improbable that several of the heathen myths have been derived from this source.
  • These were attached to him still more by the love of genealogies derived from the gods.
  • The energy of this current is derived from the chemical action of the acid on the zinc.
  • He would have urged that the parts derived their meaning from one another and from the whole.
  • Circumstance this old man had derived his strange impressiveness and his Authority over men.
  • His authorities were doubtless of more ancient date, but we know not who they were or whence they derived their information.
  • Thus his notion of freedom was derived from matter, and supposed to consist in the absence of friction!
  • Thus the formula of a salt, differs from that of the acid from which it is derived in that the hydrogen of the acid has been replaced by a metal.
  • But we cannot suppose that anything else was derived from that, and especially when we come to words apparently more genuine than that.
  • But the ideas derived from the contemplation of natural phenomena were not the sole sources of mythology, such as we have received it.
  • This is derived not only from the water which we drink but also from the food which we eat, most of which contains a large percentage of water.
  • Each time, he chewed a few leaves from the bush in which they were lying, but derived but small comfort from it.
  • People derived lively satisfaction from its disclosure that the metropolis was "cool" and unafraid under fire.
  • But, perhaps, the chief conclusion to be derived from hypnotic experience is the value of suggestion or suggestibility.
  • In honor of these two discoverers we have the words volt, galvanic, and the various words and terms derived therefrom.
  • A more intimate acquaintance proved there was much instruction, and a good deal of amusement, to be derived from this strange character.
  • Huerta could lay no claim to authority derived from a majority or anything like a majority of the Mexican people.
  • They may, indeed, be regarded as derived from ammonia by displacing a part or all of the hydrogen present in ammonia by hydrocarbon radicals.
  • This distinguished artist was born in the locality, in the diocese of Burgos, from whence he derived his name.
  • The word "pasquin" (pasquino) is derived from the name of a tailor, who was famous at the end of the fifteenth century for his lampoons.
  • Finding the benefit which might be derived from the daggers of the Fedavee, Kameshtegin resolved to employ them against his personal enemies.
  • It is used to designate substances which may be regarded as derived from oxygen compounds by replacing the whole or a part of their oxygen with sulphur.
  • The name bromine, for example, is derived from a Greek word meaning a stench, referring to the extremely unpleasant odor of the substance.
  • The use of the coral and bells was derived from these superstitions, and they were at first suspended from the neck as an amulet which was protective from the influence of evil spirits.
  • She was not a great reader of the newspapers, but persons on her round looked to her as an oracle, and derived information from her as to passing events.
  • This work has been our principal guide; for, though we have read some others, we cannot say that we have derived any important information from them.
  • According to a later legend, or a legend which we have received in a later form, the gods derived immortality from drinking of the churned ocean of milk.

Definition of Derived

(systematics) Of, or pertaining to, conditions unique to the descendant species of a clade, and not found in earlier ancestral species. | (comparable, archaic, taxonomy) Possessing features believed to be more advanced or improved than those other organisms. | product of derivation
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