Derives in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Derives

1. Triana derives its name. 🔊

2. This view derives support from two directions. 🔊

3. Perthes derives hints from his dog, 115. 🔊

4. Butmann derives it from Wend. 🔊

5. Horne Tooke derives bridegroom from it. 🔊

6. Superstition Mountain derives its name from this story. 🔊

7. It derives its name from the city of Damascus. 🔊

8. The river Regen Berghaus derives from Germ. 🔊

9. The sources from which tradition derives their stock are mainly three. 🔊

10. Observe, Sire, the advantage and pleasure the hunter derives from the chase. 🔊

11. It is from him that Jarvis Street, Toronto, derives its name. 🔊

12. Mr. Borrow derives this name from the Sanskrit Ksump, to go. 🔊

How to use Derives in Sentences?

1. Even the town from which he derives his appellation is not known with certainty. 🔊

2. It derives its name from the popular belief that these are the work of fairies. 🔊

3. It derives its current from primary batteries or from any direct-current source. 🔊

4. In general, the disease derives all its importance from the nature of the remote cause. 🔊

5. Mr. Tylor also derives all religion from the worship of spirits, but in a different way. 🔊

6. The Calvinistic scheme of predestination, it is pretended, derives support from revelation. 🔊

7. It is called the narcotic Coprinus, C. narcoticus, and it derives its name from its odor. 🔊

8. He derives a very moderate income from his living; but it is even more than sufficient for his necessities. 🔊

9. It derives its names from George Bannatyne (born Feb. 22, 1545, died 1607). 🔊

10. Moreover, the shelf which he has turned into a bathing board has a higher interest than any which it derives from him. 🔊

11. The earliest author who describes it is Ctesias (B.C. 400), who derives it from India. 🔊