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How To Use Descend In A Sentence?

  • But we must descend from the sublime to the stern realities of this workaday world.
  • The rain soon added to my perplexities, for it began to descend less in showers than in sheets.
  • Crossing a ridge of rock, we descend upon a white plain, dim and indistinct in the twilight.
  • He helped her descend as if she had been a queen, and she came in and talked to Billy.
  • As he walked, inhaling the fragrance of the evening air, a new sanity seemed to descend on him.
  • Hawker was forced to descend and was rescued twelve hundred miles at sea by a Danish vessel.
  • One of the Greek gods would literally descend on a mechanism from the rafters and save the day.
  • Pierre descend doucement de la brouette, puis détale à toutes jambes le long des cassis.
  • It was the way by which dear old Pu-Yi had hoped to descend and raise the alarm.
  • To so nice and cautious Cares the Laws there thought fit to descend upon this matter.
  • Thus did the Vedic poets (according to Gubernatis) descend from the unconditioned to the byre.
  • At length Fulfilment, fairest child of Jove, Thou dost descend upon me from on high!
  • He remembered when he had not hesitated to descend into what appeared the very jaws of death, because it seemed to him his duty.
  • All that has been done to oblige her to encourage her people, for they were very fearful, to descend immediately.
  • The other half goes to the brothers and sisters of the husband, whose titles descend to his own brothers and sisters.
  • There was nothing that he could do to prevent what was to be, but now it was his time to descend to Pomperaque.
  • Beginning with the highest notion of mind or thought, we may descend by a series of negations to the first generalizations of sense.
  • No people in the world could overnight descend to a war standard of living so rapidly as the Germans.
  • The whole sky grew black, and seemed to descend to meet the lake, as it was lashed to fury by the wind.
  • With a sharp effort he steadied himself in mind and posture on the bough; his reason returned, and he began to descend with the hat in his teeth.
  • From the end of this bag a thin, wiry, black tongue of vapour continued to descend until it had arrived half-way between the cloud and the sea.
  • So saying, the rearguard of the column vanished into the forest, and the others, returning to their canoes, began to descend the river.
  • She went with Alice to the door, and then stood watching her descend the steps and enter the small closed car in the drive.
  • The Macazars refused to descend until they received pardon from his Lordship, and a passport to their own country.
  • She held the tenants in turn responsible, and would descend upon us like a Fury upbraiding us for our carelessness.
  • The largest ship can anchor close to shore, for the rugged boundaries of Banda descend by steep gradients into the crystalline depths.
  • We had begun to descend the mountain side to Clear Creek when we came upon the beaten trail of a herd of elk.
  • He had intended to carry out his promise to leave him twenty thousand pounds; but he was well pleased that all that belonged to him should descend to his granddaughter.
  • Am I then so unfortunately great, or so greatly unfortunate, that I may not be permitted to descend to love?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Descend | Descend Sentence

  • There is no need to descend the hill.
  • But why descend to sordid and vulgar details?
  • He was not able even to descend to the smoking-room.
  • To Griffiths, a vast impotence seemed to descend upon him.
  • We will saddle the horses ourselves and descend by secret paths.
  • He was astonished to find that his efforts to descend were powerless.
  • She felt fearfully alone as she heard him descend the stairs.
  • Footsteps came along the upper hall and began to descend the stairs.
  • The most daring aviator would have to descend to earth, if his motor stopped.
  • Je donne mes ordres; Madelon descend et revient faire mon lit.
  • No; say not so: alone and unattended Let me descend to Hades.

Definition of Descend

(intransitive) To pass from a higher to a lower place; to move downwards; to come or go down in any way, as by falling, flowing, walking, etc.; to plunge; to fall; to incline downward | (intransitive, poetic) To enter mentally; to retire. | (intransitive, with on or upon) To make an attack, or incursion, as if from a vantage ground; to come suddenly and with violence.
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