Deserved in a sentence

Definition of Deserved

simple past tense and past participle of deserve

How to use Deserved in a Sentence?

  • As he came along, he told himself that he had deserved some reward for his patience in waiting.
  • Ah, he had not deserved her remembrance; but still she ought to have remembered him!
  • It deserved response; it deserved something better than mere affectionate gratitude.
  • I always felt I had deserved my punishment, and was much happier for having received it.
  • They insist that the best man God ever made, deserved to be damned the moment he was finished.
  • For the moment the Irish parliament deserved and received entire contempt from England.
  • Honour and renowne Is the efficient and persevering cause Of every well deserved action.
  • Let us not detract from our well deserved and established reputation for progressiveness by such a mistake.
  • The manner of her coming had been so whole-souled and liberal, too, that she deserved to have arrived at more than this.
  • One alone had the honest candor to avow that he deserved his pre-eminence, on the true ground of his being their superior.
  • But in those days we seldom let them go without something, which was always more than they deserved since they deserved nothing.
  • While they would deprive society of his services, they would throw back upon it the burden of one who deserved to die.
  • Dolly looked surprised; she had not deserved this unprovoked attack from the little gaily-dressed lady perched upon the sofa.
  • Members were returned for Irish constituencies who had been convicts; others came who richly deserved imprisonment for life.
  • That, surely, meant that he deserved what he was getting, an' how is it possible to deserve both condemnation an' forgiveness at the same time?
  • Here I have written many tales, many that have been burned to ashes, many that doubtless deserved the same fate.
  • He had butchered a man at Mission Springs just the night before, and deserved hanging a dozen times over.
  • Was Rezia really faithful to him, or did she only treat him as she did her husband, who, far more than he, deserved her love?

Short Example Sentence for Deserved

  • It has not deserved it.
  • He deserved his fate.
  • She deserved a better fate.
  • Could there be one in the army that deserved it less?
  • This fact undoubtedly deserved to be recorded.
  • I have deserved better at your hands than such treatment.
  • If ever a man deserved happiness it is he.
  • The active whistler deserved all the chums said about him.
  • The quadrature deserved it; but that is another point.
  • He knew he deserved it, but could he do the deed?
  • He came to blackmail me, and he deserved to be punished.
  • But I have no doubt he deserved it.
  • And I am not sure that he deserved more at her hands.
  • He deserved freedom on account of the energy with which he struggled for it.
  • He spoke of it as a crime which deserved the most severe chastisement.
  • The others certainly had not deserved to have me conceal the truth.
  • The reason is, that they hardly deserved any special notice.
  • They were very happy, those two, as indeed they deserved to be.
  • He charged high prices for his pictures; and he deserved his great reputation.
  • After all, however much he had deserved it, the man had had a bad time.
  • It was not a pleasant emotion, and I am not sure that she really deserved it.
  • I got my prize, little as I deserved it, and retired from the arena.

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